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Nassau/Paradise Island is the capital of the Bahamas. Explore Parliament Square, the government center that dates back to the early 1800s or check out the port's vibrant night life, including more casinos, theatres, and fabulous cuisine than you could possibly fit into a short stay. During the day, there's plenty of golfing, tennis, and swimming.

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Graycliff Culinary Academy

Graycliff Restaurant, one of the Caribbean's first Five-Star restaurants is offering a Bahamian culi...

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Bahama Bonanza


Enjoy an unforgettable immersion into Bahamian culture! Smell and taste the refreshing natural herba...

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Rose Island Beach Break with Lunch

Come and spend the day on idyllic Rose Island, Bahamas, just a short boat ride away from the hustle...

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Private Half Day Jeep Getaway to Hidden Beaches and Lunch & Drinks

Experience Nassau like never before on this unique half day adventure in paradise! Your private adve...

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by Hellokitty13

My family and I had a blast. I will not come on here or any other site and bash such a beautiful island. I had fun, my husband had fun, and our daughters had fun.. We walked to the free beach (junkanoo) and soaked in the sun all day and walked back, bought some items and took alot of pictures. Being w my family and the sun alone was all we needed to have a great time. It was raining and cold back home (north of Chicago) Yes, we were asked to buy items and asked if we wanted to go on excursions, but it didn't bother me. I mean the people there make their money off of us, so of course they will ask and ask and ask. I mean we are there to see the island and to spend money. Anyone coming to this island, enjoy yourselves. Take alot of pictures, try the food, walk in the water and just enjoy it. There are so many people who have never even left their home state, and here we are on a island with beautiful people. Stay positive and enjoy it, bc before you know it, you'll be back at home, at work, and wishing you were back. 😉


by Justjosie

Ok so i get it that there are a lot of people who don't like Nassau. It is a small Island with lots of people. Yes people do try to get you to buy there stuff, get your hair braided or rent a scooter. But all you have to do is say no thank you and move on. We as travelers must realize that this is how these people make their living. They depend on the cruise ships and tourism to feed their family's. We took a great tour that showed us all of the things we wanted to see and also some of the rough areas. The Island is 7 miles across and 21 miles long and there are 200,000 people who reside there. Hurricaine season starts in June and runs through November. If Nassau is in the path, it is devastating. So some of what you see is the inability to rebuild. I said all of that to say this; we expect people to be respectful of us. We must do the same. It is up to you. I saw a lot of rude travelers and it's not necessary. Anyway, your cruise and port experience is what you make of it. Enjoy the weather, water, history and people.


by lcjones18

We planned to just walk around but ran into a nice lady who gave us a taxi tour. It was great to see the island and hear about the history. And also to hear about how people live. People were friendly. And since most of their economy is from tourism many people try to get you to take tours. We told a few people “no thank you” before meeting that particular lady and people respected that. If you understand the conditions there than you shouldn’t be turned off because you understand they are just trying to make a living. I really enjoyed my time there. We ended our tour a couple of hours before we had to return to ship so we could shop. Purchased several items. Wished we had more time to explore. I really enjoyed the island and the people. I wish people would be more open-minded and stop comparing places to your city. Or how about do some research on the place you are traveling to so you don’t have a culture shock. I had to check myself at one point because as Americans we are always in a rush so I had to remind myself that I was not in the US and to enjoy the laid back culture. I can’t quite describe the vibe there but I felt so relaxed and at ease there. Enjoy the experience!


by thebigdsfamily

Enjoyed our time back at Nassau. Look if you aren’t all about people coming up to you asking you if you need anything then don’t get off the damn boat! Stop putting such bad reviews about this port! You give others a bad sense of this port. All the people are just working as we all should be! Being asked for drugs?? My second time back and not once asked for drugs! And if you are,politely say NO and move on. What’s the difference people there selling drugs as to Americans selling drugs!? I enjoyed the shopping and views


by whatsupmeg

I was skeptical after seeing reviews for this, but boy was I wrong. Nassau was the highlight of the trip. The people are the nicest people I have ever met. They are so friendly. They are not pushy at all. I didn’t once feel unsafe. Nassau is a beautiful place. I had such a great time just browsing the markets, spending time on Junkanoo beach, visiting the bars, and more shopping. There’s tons to do. I love the cultural and real feel of it. Atlantis isn’t the real cultural experience. I’m so glad I decided against an excursion and walked around on my own. I would have missed the beauty of the people.

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