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I highly recommend walking down the beach to Jacks Shack. We stopped at Margaritaville for one drink but the prices were crazy so we walked to Jacks Shack and we had a blast! Reasonable prices, yummy drinks, and delicious food....We honestly can't wait to go back


I did the Taste of Grand Turk excursion. The bus took us all over the island and the guide told us the history of everything we saw. I had a stacked plate of local food, and I do mean stacked high. I didn’t leave hungry. We had some beach time, and the water was great relief from the oppressive sun. I love learning the history of the places I visit, but I know it’s not for everyone. The guide was brutally honest with us, which I appreciated. Anything natural on Grand Turk is so beautiful. The water, the trees, the Cactuses, and the beaches are wonderful. The human settlements however, have seen better days. While the islanders maintain their optimism about rebuilding, and try to show tourists a good time, I got the sense that they were inwardly depressed about the state of their historic buildings which are battered by years of hurricane winds. I wish I could do more to help them out, cause the majority of locals are so laid back and enjoy a sly sense of humor with visitors. Even the homeless took the time to welcome me to their home. I can see why people might be put off by the state of the towns, but just remember that the people are doing the best with what little resources their governments give them. Honestly I think Carnival does more for their economy, than their elected officials ever did.


Grand Turk is my favorite place to do nothing, we laid out on the beach under an umbrella eating a massive plate of nachos from Margaritaville, drinking 2 for $5 cups of rum punch and an order of jerk chicken from jack's shack. This was the perfect port for our last stop as all we wanted to do was just chill and unwind.

Visited: Jul 29, 2017

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Grand Turk was the first port on our trip. With the sun shining on the gorgeous white sand beach, I stood on the balcony of our state room and soaked in the amazing Caribbean landscape. It was all we had dreamed that a tropical island would look like. We didn't book an excursion, choosing instead to just walk the beach and shops. We had a great time. My wife (and many on the ship) got her hair braided by a local. It was a nice, inexpensive treat. My brother took his family on the catamaran/snorkel excursion and his description of it afterward made me take note to make sure I book that next time. It sounded amazing. Grand Turk was, hands down, the best island on our trip. I highly recommend it.

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