The 7 Best Cruise Videos on YouTube

This video, of a comedian dancing behind cruise passengers, cracked us up. - Photo by YouTube

There are certain moments on a cruise that are difficult to put into words. From heart-stopping water slides to striking views from the Lido deck, and even intentionally hilarious cruise ship stunts, some experiences are best captured on film. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of the best cruise videos on the YouTube™ website:


The Funniest Video


Watch this goofball dance behind unsuspecting passengers.

Created as a stunt for NBC’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” this video had us laughing out loud in the office. (Yes, people stared a little.) Last year, DeGeneres dared viewers to dance behind people in public, and comedian Greg Benson responded with this hilarious reel of himself on a cruise ship. We’re not sure about the people on the ship, but this guy certainly puts a smile on our faces as he busts a move.


Most Heart-Pounding Experience


Feel like you’re on the AquaDuck water slide.

Some cruise ship water slides are so elaborate, they give their counterparts on land a run for their money. This is especially true of the AquaDuck aboard Disney Dream, a “water coaster” that has cruisers lining up in droves for another ride. Join Disney news group Inside the Magic as a staffer rides down the AquaDuck with his (hopefully waterproof) camera.


Best Summary of Life at Sea


Spend a week on a ship in less than four minutes.

Ever tried to explain cruising to a friend only to find your descriptions fall woefully short? Try pointing them toward this upbeat montage of a seven-day, spring break Caribbean cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s massive Oasis of the Seas. This clip by cruiser and avid YouTube contributor Bruce Johnson condenses a week of onboard entertainment and port trips into a quick three-minute video.


Best Behind-the-Scenes Look


Learn about the biggest cruise ship in the world.

Oasis of the Seas is the largest cruise ship at sea, so it’s appropriate that the Smithsonian Channel would need an entire 45-minute special to cover it. This two-minute preview of the full episode will give you a quick look behind the scenes at what it takes to keep such a massive vessel running smoothly.


Most Quirky Look at a Cruising Phenomenon


Cruise Ship Horn Battle

Horn battles are a rare phenomenon — a competition wherein each ship cranks up the decibels in an attempt to overpower the other. Disney, already known for its powerful horns, takes it up a notch with multiple tones as the Disney Dream and Disney Magic trade melodic salvos. After a few exchanges, Dream steals the show with renditions of a few classic tunes. Silly? Perhaps. Fun for everyone involved? Absolutely.


Best Visual Explanation of Something Hard to Describe


Disney Cruise Line’s “Magical Portholes” 

In order to make inside cabins more appealing, Disney Cruise Line has begun incorporating fake portholes into the windowless rooms. These porthole-shaped television screens feature real-time video streamed from the ship’s cameras — in other words, what you would see from a real porthole on an outside cabin.

In a unique on-brand twist, Disney’s “Magical Portholes” add animation and cameo appearances of the brand’s most popular characters to amuse children — a hard feature to explain, but easy to show in a video. 


Most Thought-Provoking


The Cruise Ship of the Future

With cruise ships getting more high-tech every year, we’re always curious about what the future has in store for the industry. According to STX Europe, an international ship-building group, cruise ships will shift to (drum roll, please) eco-friendly design. Check out this video to see how STX Europe sees environmental consciousness changing upcoming ships.

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