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The fortress of El Morro guards the harbor against long-gone Sir Francis Drake and his British privateers. The colorful streets of Old San Juan retain the Latin flavor of its seafaring past, when this was the heart of the Spanish Main. Sample the fiery rum made here, or indulge in an icy treat made from fresh tropical fruit and enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere.

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Today 7,000 passengers arrive to Old San Juan in two ships. Old San Juan is OPEN to the world and is getting back to normal. Please spread the word that Old San Juan is coming back strong!!!


Wow! San Juan was full of so much architecture and history. The cobblestone streets, colorful row houses, iron balconies, and historic forts were amazing to walk through. Even though there was a free trolley system around the city, everything in Old San Juan was within walking distance. The main jewelry stores had free Sangria and Mimosas right inside, Senor Frogs was handing out coupons for a free shot, and there were little shops everywhere for souvenirs. It was HOT, but I wish we had more time to explore the city. I would have loved to see the newer San Juan as well. Did I mention there were WILD IGUANAS everywhere?

Visited: Oct 07, 2018

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Puerto Rico is beautiful, the people we very friendly. We did a tour around old San Juan’s and some shopping. Will definitely go back. There beach was also amazing, food was also great.


Glad to see the people finally getting power back, still over 45% without power, SHAME on USA for taking so long getting them & St. Thomas up and running, people there told us they don't need SBA loans, they need materials & personel to help rebuild. These are still americans & need our support.

Visited: Jan 20, 2018

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Old San Juan was quaint and charming! Had a Pina colada from Barrachina's...where they were originally made! Saw beautiful parrots!!! Must see the umbrellas hanging over Fotraleza colorful and festive!!! Loved our experience!!!

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