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The Bimini Islands are the Western-most islands in the Bahamas. Lying roughly fifty miles due east of Miami, The Biminis are actually two islands separated by a very narrow channel. Head over to the area called Alice Town for some shopping, dining, or live entertainment. Fish are plentiful throughout the reefs that surround the Biminis as are the good times here!

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Located in the Westernmost part of the Bahamas, Bimini is approximately 80 kilometers (50 miles) east of Miami. Bimini is actually made up of two islands affectionately known as North Bimini and South Bimini.

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by ourblessingsphotography

The beaches are just beautiful and most are free. If you don’t mind a bit of a walk from the ship, you can go on the beach at the port. Being it’s a new island port, there is a lot of confusion. The tram drivers failed to tell people that the casinos and shops were not open and dropped guests off. Not too organized yet. If you hop on the tram it just makes a constant round trip to the beaches, casino at the Hilton, and other stops. Easy on and off and free!!! You can take a cab to the straw market from the port for $5 each way. There didn’t look like much to do but swim at the beach. There was also not much shopping that we saw. You can tell it’s a new port. My guess is that when they work the kinks out, it will be a favorite port for many beach goers. The big negative is they made a mask mandate in the island. You can take it off to swim but it must be worn off the ship and such. All in all a nice day at Bimini 😊


by winbur78

Great beach day at the resort, beautiful white sand and crystal clear beaches. This was an awesome port of call. Would definitely go again. Great choice


by simoney36

Had an awesome time! Rented a golf cart for $60 for the entire day. Must go to Stuarts for conch salad, crack conch, and “knock out punch.” Best beach ever!! Can’t wait to return!


by 4ShipsNGiggles

We booked the Reef Shark Snorkel through Carnival. The beaches and ocean here are so pristine! Bimini Blue Adventures was the tour group. Highly recommended!!


by mabsback

Not a lot to do. First we rode the free trolley. Found a golf cart to rent. Went to Alice town. Straw market was a joke. High prices and no deals like on other islands. Beach was beautiful. Prices at places out side of the resort world for food and drinks was pretty good. Food and drink in resort World was very high. Other than the beach nothing really to do.

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