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About Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown is the capital and commercial center of Prince Edward Island. Places of historical importance are plentiful, including Government House, Province House National Historic Site, and Ardgowan National Historic Park. To get a taste of maritime culture, listen to a fiddler's reel, go to the local theater, or enjoy the Winter Carnival.

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Sunny day. We took horse-drawn carriage ride & it was a lot of fun. Easy walk from dock into quaint small town. We enjoyed walking around it. Port Terminal had lots of vendors. Good place to buy souvenirs.

Visited: Aug 13, 2016

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Very nice. Ate lunch at Sims Corner Restaurant for mussels and lobster. Was great, except I left my iPhone there, which I didn't miss until we were at sea. Collette was an angel getting my phone back to me in Halifax. She swung into action contacting the restaurant and dispatching an NCL representative to go get the phone and ship it for a minor fee to the ship for delivery to me. PHEW!

Visited: Oct 06, 2017

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