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by travelbug2015

Sunny day. We took horse-drawn carriage ride & it was a lot of fun. Easy walk from dock into quaint small town. We enjoyed walking around it. Port Terminal had lots of vendors. Good place to buy souvenirs.

Visited: Aug 13, 2016

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by jckspann

Very nice. Ate lunch at Sims Corner Restaurant for mussels and lobster. Was great, except I left my iPhone there, which I didn't miss until we were at sea. Collette was an angel getting my phone back to me in Halifax. She swung into action contacting the restaurant and dispatching an NCL representative to go get the phone and ship it for a minor fee to the ship for delivery to me. PHEW!

Visited: Oct 06, 2017

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by Nursejoshua

My absolute favorite port!! Dang near tied with Bar Harbor, Maine! It is truly a gorgeous city. Sweet and amazing locals. The charm and energy here is captivating!! You have to do the Harbor Hippo Tour! $17 per adult (cheap!!) to ride the Hippo bus around town and see all the sights and goodies the city has to offer! Dave's Lobster was delicious!!


by pinguina

I wish this had been a longer stop. There’s a lot to see and do on PEI, and it’s not possible to do it all in one day. Downtown Charlottetown is reachable on foot from the pier, but it may be a bit far for those with more limited mobility. My family started the day on the “Anne of Green Gables and Island Drive” excursion. I’m a huge Anne and LM Montgomery fan, so I was looking forward to visiting the Green Gables site. Unfortunately, it was a very nasty rainy day, so it was not conducive to really enjoying the visit to the site. I wasn’t able to walk around the grounds at all. We thankfully had enough time to view the Green Gables house itself, but I think it was mostly because we were lucky enough to be the first bus there. It got super crowded very quickly after we arrived, and I’m not sure we’d have been able to see much had we arrived later. So beware. Book the early time slot if you have the option. Try to save some time for the gift shop as they have some unique Anne merch. The island drive portion of the tour was a little forgettable, TBH. Maybe in better weather we’d have been able to see more of the scenery, but it was mostly just normal homes and farms. The guide pointed out when we passed the gravesite of LM Montgomery. We did make a couple of photo stops. One was at the famous red cliffs, and the other was at the port of a small fishing community. The cliffs were great, but the little port was skippable. Overall, I would probably not recommend this excursion for those who are not Anne fans, but I enjoyed it. After our excursion dropped us back at the pier, we took a rainy walk into Charlottetown for lunch at Claddagh Oyster House. This was my favorite meal of the cruise. My husband and I enjoyed delicious PEI mussels and oysters, and my mom had great fish and chips. The shops and Cows Ice Cream shop were nice and fun to browse. Would have liked to see one of the Anne plays, but maybe next time.

Visited: Sep 04, 2019

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