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About Saint John, New Brunswick

Saint John is a spectacular commerical port at the intersection of the St. John River and the Bay of Fundy. Visitors will be exhilarated by the pounding surf and sounds of the world's highest tides, best viewed at Reversing Falls. Saint John features a climate-controlled pedway system, allowing the utmost comfort as you visit attractions including the Canada Games Aquatic Centre and Old City Market.

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This was a cute port. We did our excursion, Saint John Highlights, then had lunch near the pier on a suggestion of a local. We ate at Steamers, just a short walk from the pier. (Take a left when exiting the terminal, walk down the street about half a mile and across the street.) Great food at a great price! Also right near the terminal was a large white tent with lots of souvenir venders inside.


Bay of Fundy and reversing rapids are worth seeing nice little town with interesting shops and history . We spent half the time on the ship and I think we were able to see everything that was of interest to us

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