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Bobbies directing traffic, afternoon tea, and the drums of Gombey dancers - this is Bermuda! Hamilton, Bermuda's capital, is the perfect blend of historic architecture, beautiful pink beaches, and terrific cuisine. Walk along the island-long promenade or take a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage for a truly memorable experience.

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Ship docked in the center of the city. Only a small cruise ship can do that! Bermuda is so much nicer than the Caribbean Islands. Original itinerary had us going to St. Martin and Puerto Rico, but the hurricanes diverted us to Bermuda. Most everyone was happy for that change.

Visited: Nov 04, 2017

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We visited the crystal cave's in St. George which was very nice. If you visit the crystal cave's there is no need to see the fantasy cave, pick one or the other and save a few dollars because it's basically the same thing. Take that saved money and visit Mama Angie's. It's a small hole in the wall type place, nothing fancy but clean and enjoy some sumptuous fish and chips.

Visited: Aug 31, 2017

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Cruising is the way to go to Bermuda due to the ridiculously exorbitant prices of goods and services there. The beaches and places to visit are beautiful. The services such as public transportation are convenient, comfortable and on time. The people are friendly and you feel safe all over the Island. The taxi drivers we had are hard working and honest. We didn't bother dining out of the ship. During meals when we could, we went back to the ship and consumed the 5-star food quality they served without incurring additional expense. And that's the beauty of cruising in Bermuda.

Visited: Aug 07, 2011

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