7 Things to Do Immediately After Getting Into Your Cabin

cruise cabin things to do immediately stateroom
There are some things you should do the moment you get into your stateroom. - Photo by MSC Cruises

So you’ve boarded your ship and can't wait for a full week of fun in the sun. You make a pit stop at the buffet and grab one of those umbrella cocktails, then head to your cabin for the first time. Before you start unpacking and fully transition into vacation mode, here are seven things to check:

1. Be sure your door locks properly.

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Photo by Princess Cruises

Once you open the door to your cabin for the first time, turn around and make sure it closes and locks properly. This isn’t a common problem on cruise ships, but taking the few extra seconds to check is worth it for the peace of mind. If you do notice something off and aren’t sure what’s wrong, be sure to inform your cabin steward or the guest services desk right away.


2. See if the light switch needs your keycard.

light switch keycard slot card cruise immediately
Photo by Cruise Web

Along with checking your door, take note of how your light switch works when you get inside. Is there a slot where you have to insert your keycard before you can turn on the lights? And if so, does it need to be a keycard or can it be any old card you have in your wallet? If it doesn’t have to be your keycard, fish your old Blockbuster card out of your wallet and give it a new home for the week. You can leave it in the slot permanently and not have to worry about taking it with you every time you walk out the door. It can be a real hassle if you forget you need it to turn on the lights — especially if the lights suddenly shut off because your cabin-mate took their card out of the slot to go somewhere while you’re still in the room. If the slot only works with your keycard, well, at least you tried. (Just be sure you remember to take it when you leave.)


3. Check that the cabin is clean.

balcony veranda cabin bed stateroom cruise
Photo by Celebrity Cruises

Do a once-over of your cabin before settling in and unpacking all of your things. Make sure the desk and nightstands look clean, check the bathroom sink, counter, and floor, and make sure there’s nothing left in the shower drain. If you have a balcony, you should step outside to check that over and make sure that it’s clean, too. Many of us already do these things without even thinking whenever we board a cruise or stay in a hotel, but it’s still worth mentioning. Your cabin is your home base for the entire cruise — and it’s not like you can just switch ships if you’re unhappy halfway through like you can a hotel.


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4. Look over the bed and bedding.

princess cruises balcony bed cabin stateroom
Photo by Princess Cruises

When checking over your cabin, pay extra attention to your bed and the bedding before you set your suitcase on it. Lift up the mattress to check for bed bugs along the bottom edges, and be sure to pull back the sheets and comforter to look for questionable dirt or stains. If you encounter anything you’re not happy with, ask your steward to take care of it. If you encounter bed bugs, be sure none of your luggage touches the bed and call or go down to guest services right away to ask for a new cabin.


5. Test the outlets.

cruise cabin stateroom usb outlet plug
Photo by a Cruiseline.com Member

Most cruise ships don’t have a lot of outlets in the cabins, so it’s important to make sure that the ones you do have work properly. Thankfully, newer ship designs are adapting to the number of electronics used by the modern traveler, and many ships even have USB outlets at the desk or next to the bed. If you experience problems with an outlet, call the guest services desk and they will likely send someone from maintenance to come take a look.


6. Wash the provided glasses and TV remote.

cruise cabin ice bucket water glasses stateroom
Photo by Shutterstock/Anastasia Badmaeva

When getting settled into your cabin, surfaces that you come into contact with frequently should be given extra attention. Wipe the TV remote control with a germ killer wipe or, if you don’t have one, a damp tissue with soap. Also, wash out the provided glasses in the bathroom or on the desk if you plan to use them. They’re most likely clean as they are replenished from the dish room, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


7. Put your valuables in the safe.

cruise stateroom cabin safe valuables immediately
Photo by a Cruiseline.com Member

Before you head out to explore the ship, lock up your valuables (wallet, passport, and jewelry) in the cabin safe, which is usually located in the closet or on a shelving unit. Only take these things out when you’re going to be using them, such as when you go ashore or are getting dressed up for Elegant Night. The great thing about a cruise is the only card you need to carry around on board is your keycard since it serves as both your credit card and ID.


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I don't check to see if the cabin is clean, I clean the cabin. Until you clean it yourself, you can't really tell by just looking around. I also put the remote in a ziplock bag, you can never clean it enough after years of germs.

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I also make sure the hair dryer works if I plan on using the one provided. You don't want to find out it's broken when you have a head-full of wet hair.

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