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A former berthing point for the British navy, King's Wharf is the gateway to the West End. Train, ferry, and bus services are located here for transport to onshore and offshore locations. Enjoy a scenic picnic in nearby North Arm Park.

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Bermuda is one of my favorite destinations because it is beautiful. I love taking the ferry to Hamilton and St. George. We went to Horseshoe Bay Beach and omg, it had the most clear water that I have ever seen in my whole life. I have been to Bermuda several times before this, but this was definitely my favorite time there.

Visited: Aug 13, 2017

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Two night before our cruise we received word that our scheduled cruise to King’s Wharf, Bermuda was canceled and the ship was being rerouted due to the hurricane. We were rerouted to Portland, Maine and Halifax, Nova Scotia. We had an amazing time in each port. It was beautiful and very relaxing, I just wish we had more time in each place.

Visited: Sep 23, 2017

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