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by ksgoldbergtwins

To say this place is beautiful would be an understatement. Though the port is limited, taking the ferry to Hamilton is well worth the trip. Front Street is a great place to visit and explore. I suggest walking down alleys as they have many hidden gems. Been to Bermuda ten times now, five by cruise and each time find something new.


by jennannwarren

Bermuda was beautiful. The locals were super nice and helpful. Mini bus will take you to Horseshoe Bay for $7 a person. Also, the cruise ship has a free ferry over to St. George’s. It’s about an hour trip but well worth it.


by smhartle

It was breathtaking. Gorgeous. Very clean, friendly. Never felt in danger. It's owned by Britain. There way of life is just so amazing. Simple, happy and peaceful. Would love to live there. Definitely going back with the kids.


by TravelBug14

This place is absolutely stunning! We visited the Crystal Caves, the Aquarium and Zoo, the Unfinished Church, the Historic Town of St. George, and saw the pink sand at Horseshoe Bay. I loved the fact that we stayed at the port several days rather than having to rush to get back after a few hours. It's still "winter" in April (the summer season does not start until around the 23rd), so it was a bit cool and some of the ferries were not running. Also, most business shut down at 5pm, so we had to get up and get moving if we wanted to have time to see everything. I would love to go again...when it's warmer.


by jesschuck

First time in Bermuda for our 25th anniversary! Bermuda was absolutely beautiful! Loved Horseshoe Bay Beach. Booking another trip for next year! Locals were very friendly and felt safe there.


by JMyers75

Bermuda is WOW!! Beautiful! But this itinerary leaves you with 2 broken days. Choose options wisely. Know your time frames & prioritize what you want from it. First day we were off ship at 2 pm but shops closed at 5:30. We felt we should just shop then do dinner and walk explore on the first day. Wear comfy shoes! The 2nd day the beach didn't open till 9 and we had to be back on the ship no later than 2 (I made sure we were on early)...but that meant only 4 hours on day 2 for beach time. That's not enough time to leave Kings wharf & taxi to the really nice beaches unless you are booked on excursion through RC. We went to snorkel park beach which took us about 20 mins slow walking. $5 pp to enter this pretty but small beach. $15 to rent umbrella, $15 each to rent lounge chairs. Excellent bar. $10 for a very strong rum swizzle. Be careful of the coral if you go past waste high water. Bring snorkel gear! RC towels were checked in and out outside the ship with seapass card. Nice towels too! Left snorkel park & walked a block to BERMUDA rum cake company which is combined with Blown glass / Glassworks company. Purchased some gorgeous pieces & a couple of rum cakes - and bottled drinks & water is cheap here! Stopped in the pharmacy stores for more souvenirs. Pretty expensive. Don't buy drinks or snacks there! Decent selection of tourist type souvenirs. Stopped at the ice cream shop for pineapple ice cream which was really good. Tried a sample of fudge - very good. Next to the fudge lady is visitors center & a cigar shop. Then 4 mins to walk back to the ship.

Visited: Jun 16, 2018

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by cscapes

Of all of the tropical island that I have been to, so far, Bermuda tops them all. The island itself is steeped in history, full of very friendly locals and has an amazingly efficient and affordable public transit system. The beaches are beautiful; Front street building architecture and shops are fantastic and the views from just about everywhere are incredible. The down side is that almost everything is expensive. We had a modest lunch for 4 at a restaurant near Front St. called Devil’s Island and the bill was $105 for essentially 4 salads and four waters!! All in all, I’d definitely visit Bermuda again and this time we’d head straight for St. George’s:)


by ajcitro02

Bermuda is one of my favorite destinations because it is beautiful. I love taking the ferry to Hamilton and St. George. We went to Horseshoe Bay Beach and omg, it had the most clear water that I have ever seen in my whole life. I have been to Bermuda several times before this, but this was definitely my favorite time there.

Visited: Aug 13, 2017

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by billmuise63

Nice place but the Rum cake factory was closed. I was disappointed but oh well there's always next time. Dolphin adventure was great!! I can't wait to go back.


by chetsbabe

Our first time to Bermuda. We loved the island. The people are laid back and do not ever hound you to buy something, the ocean is the most vibrant blue you’ll see, and the beaches are nice. We rode the ferry to St. George’s, took a bus to Hamilton, ferry back to King’s Wharf, nighttime excursion on a glass bottom boat, and a mini bus to Horseshoe Bay Beach. Just a wonderful couple of days.

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