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Visit the Royal Naval Dockyard in the West End, which served a vital function in the War of 1812, World War I and II, and the Cold War. Visit the Royal Naval Cemetery and the Navy Crest Wall, featuring art from the British Royal Army and Navy and other NATO members.

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Been to Bermuda 4 times and I’m going again later this month! It’s hands down a great trip! The locals are very friendly and the sights are absolutely breathtaking! Fun for all ages and always stuff to do!


This is a fantastic place to visit, jump in quick , you'll wish you had more time there. Get a multi day pass for public transportation and use ferries and buses to see the islands. The museum at the dockyard is good, the beaches are awesome. Good people here

Visited: Apr 23, 2017

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Get a bus, or water taxi for your destinations. Never book anything on the ship. For this island you don't need it. It's super safe and you can get anywhere by bus or taxi.

Visited: Sep 06, 2015

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Love it! Always have. I highly recommend the Frog and Onion Pub. They have a brewery near by, Dockyard Brewing, that provide a variety of good brews. Bonefish in the past has been great but I did not go this year. Snorkel Beach/Park is near the dockyard. At night it is a 'club' and great for young couples and parties. I did not go this year again but in the past has been a good way to get off the ship and party with people your age. SAFETY at the dockyard is a big thing. Look both ways before crossing the street. Everything is compact in Bermuda and the drivers know these roads blindfolded. Be very careful on scooters and be aware of your surroundings as the people on the island are cautious, but accidents can happen.

Visited: Jul 23, 2017

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