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by paranoidjj

Been to Bermuda 4 times and I’m going again later this month! It’s hands down a great trip! The locals are very friendly and the sights are absolutely breathtaking! Fun for all ages and always stuff to do!


by tandi481

I have been to Bermuda 2 times already with in a year and I am in love. The beaches and the views are amazing. If you cruise in don’t book an excursion via the cruise line for horseshoe bay beach. You can take a mini bus right from the dockyard for 7.00 each way per person and they run constantly from early morning till about 5-530. I learned that the hard way the first time when I paid 50.00 pp for round trip for 3 hrs. This last time I did the mini bus and I spent all day at the beach.


by turnerdani18

We just got back yesterday from our cruise to Bermuda on the Norwegian Escape! It was by far the most gorgeous island I’ve ever visited compared to the islands on my previous two cruises (eastern & western Caribbean)! The locals are friendly, the water is a stunning blue, the coral reef & shipwrecks are intriguing, and the colorful houses really make this island beautiful and unique! The local ice cream shop ( Alex & Pete’s) off the pier is a MUST try, the popsicle stand (Dooh Pops) near the ice cream shop is very refreshing as well, the clock tower mall has good stores to get souvenirs and local artwork (Lesa-Ann Rego has a gallery in the mall and her work is so vibrant and truly captures the spirit of the island), along with Makin’ Waves which is right outside the mall! We visited St. George via the FREE Norwegian ferry (they post the times it leaves & arrives so make sure you double check the times before leaving so you don’t miss the last ferry back!), it took a little over an hour to get there, and there’s really only 3 or 4 places to eat which were extremely expensive, but the perfumery & St. Peter’s Church were great to visit! We booked the restless native snorkel tour through NCL, but due to issues with the boat we had to schedule a different excursion. We ended up doing the Glass-Bottom boat tour & snorkel and it was wonderful! We got to see multiple types of coral, fish, and part of the sunken Vixen ship and snorkeled in an area with plenty of fish & coral (the boat also has a water slide off the front)! The tour guides (Paul, Slim, & Selena) really helped us understand the island better and made sure we were having a good time, we also received a free Rum Swizzle after snorkeling (it was DELICIOUS)! Overall, Bermuda and everything it has to offer are wonderful, we’re already planning on our next cruise being back to Bermuda and hoping to actually spend a day at the beach next time!


by krislee2327

Bermuda is absolutely breathtaking!! We were docked there for 3 days so we did multiple activities. First day we just walked around the boatyard and ate at the frog and onion pub. The drinks there were delicious!! The history and buildings were very interesting and we walked around town, went to the mall and did some shopping. Beware of the mopeds!! Geez they are zooming everywhere!! The second day we went to Horseshoe Bay!! OMG how beautiful that beach is!! It will literally take your breath away! Pink sand, crystal blue water, waves... they have chairs and umbrellas to rent. Food and drink! Changing area and showers! The works!! Now what we did was, the day before we priced out a shuttle outside on the cruise dock for how much a round trip ride would cost to get us to horseshoe bay.... they have tons of these van like shuttles. I think it was like $7 per person each way. Plus we tipped them. It was a nice ride. About 20 minutes and much cheaper then booking with the cruise line. And since the ship was staying in port all night no worries on being back at a certain time. 👍🏻 Unfortunately for us our beach trip was cut short because a hurricane was coming and the beach was closed 90 minutes after we got there. But I got to see it and even with the rough waters I was able to swim a tad bit!! Lol

by jdnjnn

It is very beautiful. Don't fall for the 2 day public transportation pass. It's not worth it. If you go to Horseshoe Beach don't take the buss. You will wait an hour or more and then take 40 minutes to get there only to have to walk about a mile from the bus stop. For $7 a person you can take a mini bus and they take you directly to the beach. Also, don't go on day one. That's what everyone does. Go on day two. It won't be as crowded. Check out the street fair every Wednesday evening in Hamilton. Take the ferry. It's $4.50 a person and a beautiful boat ride. NCL offers a free ferry to St. Georges. Definitely check that out. It's a beautiful historic town.

Visited: Jun 10, 2018

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by maggiebarrie221

From the Dockyard, you can go anywhere. We jumped on the public bus the first day (a very cheap and easy to navigate alternative to cab fare) and rode all the way to Hamilton then changed buses and rode to the Crystal Cave, lunch at the Swizzle Inn, and rode on to St George. Then got the ferry back from St George. Guys played golf the second day, girls went to Horseshoe Beach...all on the bus. Then we did do an excursion the third day. The dockyard has tons of stuff to do, dining, history. It's all there!

Visited: Jun 24, 2018

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by emeryx4

We took this cruise in October of 2017 and we are going again in August of this year. We loved all of the different things to do at Royal Navy Dockyard and decided to go back and take our kids this time . The people at the pier were nice and helpful and the crew on the ship were amazing.

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