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by Mishmouse

Love this town....very quaint !! Took the White Rail Pass and motor coach excursion, and it was awesome !! Our train guides were quick to point out animals and sights on either side, and the conductor actually slowed the train down so we can get pictures of the highlights they were pointing out. We had a sunny day the whole day, which we lucked out with. Once we got off the train, we boarded a smaller motor coach, ( like the size of a car rental shuttle ), which was nicer, and also easier to get on and off. Our driver back to Skagway, was one who asked if it was ok to stop at a few places along the way. He first asked if anyone had any other excursions, because we’d be back to the dock about 10-15 late, and once he got the ok from everyone, he stopped at some scenic spots to take pictures, and TOOK the pictures for us. We did stop at the “Welcome to Alaska” sign, which, as quirky as it is, was fun to stop and photograph.


by marydz

Probably my favorite town itself on the cruise. They have Smart buses that drive you the short distance into town if you dont feel like walking. You can pay a small fee each time or pay for a daily pass if you plan to make multiple trips. They have numerous stops into town and run several buses at a time so you rarely waited long. The town had the most native souvenir shops. I didn't feel bombarded by jewelry store doormen. I purchased several gifts that were actually made in Alaska, not elsewhere. Cute and a bit quirky.


by Toomuchstuff

Cute town. First trip to Skagway, rode the train. Fun and very informative. Really enjoyed it. Most recent trip we went to Jewel Gardens and did glass blowing! It was so fun Travis was a kick! I got my ornament in the mail shortly after I returned home and it was much nicer than expected. They have to ship because they need to cool down slowly. We also had tea snacks. Really enjoyed this.


by LordRob

One of the rail trips is an experience not to be missed. You will be given a running commentary covering the history of the rail line, Alaskan and Canadian history, as well as a description of sights along the way.


by zarfkitty

"Rosy Peaks" was our guide for the Red Onion's Ghosts and Good Time Girls walking tour of Skagway. Part blue humor (don't bring kids on this one), part infotainment, part extremely authentic historical analysis of the role these working women played in the Yukon gold rush. Highly recommend. Do the White Pass Rail. There are no words. And a photo is worth a thousand of them, but I have over 3,000 photos to sift through and edit. I picked out a couple good ones for you.

Visited: Jul 16, 2017

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by davisavery

Adorable little town. We did the Skagway White Pass AND YUKON Railroad and it was incredible. If you do the train, do the whole thing. Going into the Yukon was so worth it!

Visited: May 25, 2019

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by krishertz

Did the Ocean Raft Adventure here and was happy I brought a great camera. Loved it! I saw beautiful waterfalls, many seals lazing on rocks, and s few eagles. Very knowledgeable women guided us and explained everything we were seeing. Really cool. Plus the boat ride was an adventure!

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