why do people who love Carnival, tell everyone else how bad all the other lines are ?


Maybe it's me, but I see a lot of posts from people who absolutely love Carnival, come onto a site, and tell everyone how bad every other line is.  Phrases like, I'm going back to Carnival or I'll never sail xxxxxx again, or, we tried xxxxline, and we will never sail them again.      I just don't get it.     I think when Carnival lovers try a different line, they have a preconceived notion of how bad it's going to be.  They tell themselves they are going to have a miserable time.   Hey, not every ship is a party ship.   People used to bash NCL for having so many alternate dining areas, with a charge. Guess what ?  They all do that now.     People, myself included, dext the nickel and dimeing on Norwegian. But it's up to me if I want to be nickel and dimed.   How many times is Carnival going to change their menu ?  But hey, if you want to go on vacation and eat meatloaf, fine.  I prefer the NY strip in the steakhouse.

Open yourselves up, and go in with an open mind when trying something new.  You'll have a better experience overall.