Why do people who love Carnival......

why do people who love Carnival, tell everyone else how bad all the other lines are ?

Maybe it's me, but I see a lot of posts from people who absolutely love Carnival, come onto a site, and tell everyone how bad every other line is. Phrases like, I'm going back to Carnival or I'll never sail xxxxxx again, or, we tried xxxxline, and we will never sail them again. I just don't get it. I think when Carnival lovers try a different line, they have a preconceived notion of how bad it's going to be. They tell themselves they are going to have a miserable time. Hey, not every ship is a party ship. People used to bash NCL for having so many alternate dining areas, with a charge. Guess what ? They all do that now. People, myself included, dext the nickel and dimeing on Norwegian. But it's up to me if I want to be nickel and dimed. How many times is Carnival going to change their menu ? But hey, if you want to go on vacation and eat meatloaf, fine. I prefer the NY strip in the steakhouse.

Open yourselves up, and go in with an open mind when trying something new. You'll have a better experience overall.

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I started with Carnival 6 years ago because of the price and haven't been on any other cruise line. I will take my shots at Carnival's policies and pricing when I feel they've earned it. With that being said, I can not say anything negative about any other cruise line

We are open to other cruise lines.... what we like about Carnival is the familiar, the cost (esp. when traveling with newbies where $$ are tight), the number of activities, the past guest perks (we should finally reach the diamond level in Jan.), the ability to press the wrinkled clothes (DH finds this essential), and the younger feel to the passenger component. What we like about cruising in general.. is the peaceful feeling on board, turning off the electronics, unpack once and see many places, being together away from home, and no responsibilities. One cruise on any line isn't a fair way to judge it. If one has sailed more than 4-5 times on any line they know it has "warts" and that could be said of Carnival, RCI, NCL, etc. We are trying Princess for the second time and will see if it fits better than the last trip. I tend to think part of the problem for us last time was our "traveling companions" and it really won't be a fair comparison now as the ship is older, the length of the cruise is longer, and the itinerary is unique. My guess is we will try other lines as we will want a different experience... but every time we start to branch out we get a call "please go with us, we booked the Carnival XXXX, and we know you will show us how to have a good time!" What can you do? We go back to Carnival and think about the next one.

No bashing from here. Some disappointment in some of the changes Carnival has implemented, but no bashing.

Ive only sailed CC so I have no idea what other lines are like except from what ive read. I have looked at RC and it seems nice. I agree about nickle and diming. It can only happen if you allow it. My only issue is RC for a balcony is about a grand more in cost.

I started cruising being Loyal to Royal. Through the years I have tried Princess, HAL, NCL and Celebrity. I cruised for 14 years saying I would not go on Carnival, after all it is the Walmart of cruising, the Circus Circus (For you Las Vages fans) of cruise lines. I finely broke down and gave it a try in 2009 when the price was so low it did not pay to stay home. I got a ocean view cabin to myself for $ 179.00 for the 4 night Baja cruise. I went with very low expectation and was surprised how clean the ship was, how good the staff was, that the MDR food was actually good and it was just a lot of fun. Since then I have done 7 more on Carnival and I'm booked on the Vista for next year.

A good part of the reason for so many Carnival cruises for me is they are the only line that goes year round out of my local port (Los Angeles) and they have the Concert series (this year we saw Journey on the Victory and next year is Jay Leno on the Vista).

I don't say "I'd Never go on "XXXXX" again. I will state my opinion of some cruise lines that I have tried...... I did not like the food on Princess, but that was 20 years ago and I'd try them now if I saw a good deal on them. Out of 3 NCL cruises 2 were the worst cruises I have been on for bad service throughout the ship and bad food and service in the NDR, I would still go on NCL if I got a great deal and it was an itinerary I wanted to go on and not on the Star. I did not like HAL, but I was in my 30's when I tried it, I'll try them again when I hit my late 60's or 70's.

People get used to things and that is what they expect. I have a friend that is on his 3rd car of the same model and make. I just test drove a car of a different make then the one I have, it was OK, but It had quirks that I did not expect or like (the gear selector was on the steering column, when I expected the wipers to be). People have brand loyalty, people start to like a cruise line because it is out of a local port so no travel expense.

I have read plenty of people bad mouthing Carnival on review comments, when you look the profiles of the ones bad mouthing them have never even been on a Carnival ship ???? so how do you bad mouth if you don't know ???

I will say Carnival has a very loyal group of cruisers..... some take it personal if you give a bad review and they leave you nasty comments that you work for RCI or the ever common "Troll" comment. I have read the same kind of remarks for people that gave a bad review to RCI. I have not read nasty remarks for bad rating of Celebrity or HAL..... Maybe it is a socioeconomic thing like you see more fights in a Walmart then in a Sack's 5th Avenue. Demographics of the client base.

Each line has their own characteristics and flavours. I have not tried Carnival because I really enjoy the style and atmosphere of NCL. Each line will have it's faults and share of mistakes. So all of them will have detractors. If it is what you like then many will stay with that.

I hate it when someone who has only cruised one line will state that they stay with that line because they are the best. Really ? How would you know if you haven't tried any others ?

I think it's a fair statement that most people started sailing on Carnival. They are convenient, and, inexpensive. But as we gain experience many of us spread our wings and tried other cruise lines. When we took our first cruise, Carnival Holiday, she was the largest ship in their fleet. We loved it. There was no wi-fi, no alternate restaurants, no huge water slides, yet we still had a great time. I often wonder why some people even bother to book a cruise. They spend all day, laptop or tablet in hand, FBing, Tooting, Tweaking or whatever. And they all complain about the slow signal. Then there is the working vacation " guy. Works early in the morning, and later in the evening. Spends the day with his family, but checks his e mail every chance he gets. It always reminds me the song "Cats in the Cradle ". I guess we're fortunate in that we can actually relax and not have to worry about work.


Happy sailings y'all

The only reason to check e-mail for us is to check on the welfare of someone who is ill or expecting a baby. Just a side note, we have that situation on this upcoming cruise. We will check if it seems necessary, but usually the electronics are locked away for the duration of the trip.

Not sure who you were referring to BAK when you mentioned those that will not try another line because they think the line they are on is the best. In my case I stick with NCL not because I think it is the best but because I like the style, atmosphere and the way they do things. I am comfortable with that. Will I try others, yes. But for now I like what NCL offers. And I never criticize the other lines.


We've only cruised on Carnival and can't see ourselves trying out any other cruiseline. We like the casual atmosphere of Carnival, the many choices of activities, enjoyed the food and most of all the price. When we have compared the Carnival price to other lines for the same itinerary and stateroom type, Carnival has been the cheapest, so that's what we will stick with.

It's something called Comfort Zone.

There is nothing wrong with it. Some people have one and prefer to maintain equilibrium with what they know from experience. Others are more willing to explore and to change accordingly. We cruised all of the popular cruise lines. Our first voyage was NCL. It was the cruise experience that got us hooked; not the cruise line itself. We progressed through CCL, then RC, PC, HAL, RC (again), CCL (again), Celebrity (finally), and back to PC. We enjoyed each of our trips for different reasons. Just because one thing went sideways, we found other delights to offset the negative(s). Over all the years, our tastes and preferences changed, as did our abilities and budget. Our cruise line preference changed accordingly.

It is actually a bit disturbing to us that some people are so set in their ways and unwilling to change but taking a step back, it is not surprising in the least. Just take one look at todays' popular culture and politics. People tend to fear that which they do not know or bother to understand.

As for these "I'll never go on XYZ again"... Some are so blatantly idiotic, I highly doubt that the "person" writing the review is an actual person who took the cruise. I believe a percentage of these extreme reviews come under the heading of Guerrilla Marketing and Misinformation. These posts cast shade on competitor lines through use of generality and innuendo. Many of these posts do not provide examples of why an experience was as horrible as the rating and when pressed for details (by those responding to the extreme comments) few to none are provided or simply "this was my experience and I stand by it".

I've been of the mind that there are categories of review quality. Type A = well-thought out and relatable comments pertaining to one's personal cruise experience. Type Z = inflammatory and unsubstantiated comments that only serve to cast shade on the competitor cruise line while using hyperbole to compare how much better their "preferred" cruise line is in every possible way.

While I take time to read a wide variety of reviews, I discount those which provide little to no example of why the experience was so negative. Overall, the ratings follow bell curve logic and are relatively reliable... outliers are controlled. I've said this before about online reviews of anything... maybe there needs to be a review or rating of the reviews themselves for people who do not apply critical thinking analysis to their selection process.

Bottomline is that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and no one is required to provide rationale. However, the "all or nothing", "black and white" type of review is one to which I lend very little credence.

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