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We have been cruising since 1998 when I won a cruise. We have been on 31 cruises and have four booked. We enjoy introducing new people to the cruising world. Our second passion in life are Renaissance Festivals.


Ships: Carnival Freedom

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Carnival Miracle

October 2016 - Carnival Miracle to Mexico

Halloween on the Miracle

We flew to LAX the same day as our sailing (usually go out a day ahead) and we purchased our transfers from Carnival.  Our plane had a fog delay (not common in Colorado)  but we arrived in plenty of time to board the ship in time for lunch.  The Carnival representatives at LAX were on the look-out for us and the 6 others arriving at about the same time.  We had to wait 20 minutes for out bus, but we did not wait for a full bus to head to the the port.


The VIFP lounge seemed disorganized, priority guests were processed along with contractors and it seemed 2 of the 3 representatives were taking care of contractors not guests. Finally another person came into the lounge and took care of the guests. The signage for the next step was poor and we asked were we were to proceed and were told the far door on the right.  That was fine, but once we went through the door we had to ask again.  It was as if they expected the guest to know how to get to the next point. They need better signage.  


Went to our cabin as soon as we boarded to drop off our luggage.  The cabin still had the couch made into a bed with the bolsters under the regular bed.  There were no robes.  We hoped this was not an indication of thing to come.  Went to lunch on the Lido and where we had a nice variety of choices. We went back to the cabin and found our room steward, Mauricio.  He asked if we wanted morning or evening service to the cabin.  We requested both and he said, no problem. We asked for ice, robes and to have the couch restored to a couch.  The next time we went to the cabin, all was right.  He was very friendly and happy to do whatever we needed.


We were a party of six with YTD.  The first night we were given a table at the back of the ship near the windows and had a spectacular sunset. Our wait staff, headed by Darell, was outstanding.  We requested them throughout the cruise. Only one night were they not available when we went to dinner (had time off for our late departure in Puerto Vallarta). We took whoever was available.  I'll just say not all wait staff are created equal... Darell and his crew worked hard to get us our food and dessert quickly, so we could go to the early show. The hostess, Chongchong, made sure our table was not filled by others before we arrived.  So if you have YTD try to get table will have most excellent service.

Unfortunately the menu posted on the TV did not match the menu we got each night. I am not sure if that was because this was the short cruise to get the ship on it's "normal" 7 day schedule or not.  Just a little nit-noy of a problem.


We had the same comedians for the whole cruise.  They both did a good job with the family version and the adult version.  Very funny guys. Adam, the CD, was excellent and Alex, the assistant CD, should be moving up to his own ship as he was terrific. The shows were well done and we enjoyed them a great deal.  We did get a wonderful show from a large group of dolphins on our last sea day during lunch.  They were on both side of the ship and were doing flips, jumps and all sorts of antics; this lasted about 10 minutes (sorry no photos we were too involved in the show).


Many passengers dress for Halloween and so did the crew. It was "cruise elegant" night and we were invited to either dress in costume or our cruise elegant attire. and both were present in the dining room.


If you were bored on this ship it would be your own fault.  Activities all over the ship all of the time.  There is no way one could do it all.

Entered the bean bag toss (lost) and watched the bocce ball.  Several trivia contests throughout the ship daily/  Mini-golf was open 24 hrs... found nighttime mini-golf very challenging. Much more was going on, but these were the ones we chose to do.


We arrived back in Long Beach in heavy fog.  We heard the fog horn starting about 5AM and did safely dock about 8AM.  The debarkation was delayed and no one was off the ship until about 9:30 AM.  Most people seemed to do self assisted debarkation so it was very slow in the beginning.


The ship is beginning to show her age with minor cosmetic problems. But if you like the Spirit class of ship, this is a fun one to sail.

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Carnival Splendor

January 2016 - Carnival Splendor to Caribbean - Eastern

The Pink Ship

When we told folks we would be on the Splendor, they said,"OH! the pink ship.  So of course I started calling it MY ship. I was expecting neon pink and other bright shades of pink. Well, it has a lot of pink but an equal amount of oranges.  After the fist day, one hardly notices.  So you will not be overwhelmed by the colors.


We had a group of 18 people and many first timers. this was a good itinerary for so many people: history, beach and shopping in equal amounts. 


We chose assigned seating in the dining room and two adjacent tables one for 8 and one for 10.  Our wait staff was very understanding as we switched places almost every night.  The service was excellent. The food was good both in the MDR and on the Lido deck.  Be sure to check out the upstairs dining areas for the Lido dining.


Our room steward was one of the best we have had. The other experienced travelers said the same about their room stewards.


The ship was originally built to be a Costa ship and has the same deck plan as the Costa Concordia.  I rather liked it.


The big theater production were still the main entertainment.  We were very happy about this as we are slightly disappointed in the newer shows.  The comedy club was packed every night and there was a good rotation of comedians.


The newbies had such a good time and are bitten by the cruising bug.  The experienced cruisers want to go again as soon as possible. (Note: we are on the Dream this coming Jan.)


We would repeat this cruise with no problem, either with a large group or just the two of us.


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Regal Princess

January 2015 - Regal Princess to Caribbean - Eastern

"Beautiful ship"

Regal Princess first non-Carnival cruise

To be honest we booked this cruise because Princess was having 2for1 sale and we wanted to see the "sky-walk".  We decided on this ship because it was new and the timing was perfect.

We booked a balcony and we were surprised how much smaller it was compared to those we were familiar with on Carnival. 

The ship seemed to vibrate continuously no matter where you were on the ship .

YTD was not done well. If you ordered early, the early seating was still served before YTD.  The service was extremely slow and the food mediocre.

The food on the buffet line was great.  This area was very open and a lot a variety.  There were hand washing stations as you entered the area, a nice touch.

The Atrium was open and beautiful. Demonstrations,entertainment, dancing and fashion shows were held there.

The serenity area was costly to use, free to walk through.

The sky-walk was all we hoped it would be. The opposite side of the ship also had a glass bottom, but was a bar with a daily show.

Princess uses their lifeboats as tenders, which we found refreshing.

The horn plays the theme from the "Love Boat" and was fun when we sailed just before the Royal Princess as they serenaded each other.

We would probably sail on this ship again.

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Carnival Glory

November 2014 - Carnival Glory to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Ecstasy

November 2014 - Carnival Ecstasy to Caribbean - Western

Ecstacy November 2014

We took this cruise because we had a friend going for the first time who really wanted us to go with them.  We had been on this same ship and itinerary years ago...but agreed anyway.  It was as much fun as the last time.  We did not plan to board with them, but there was no line and they got through almost as fast as we did. The mini golf was fun, even if I lost every time. The food was good and YTD worked well. We did our own walking tour of Key West and we took different shore tours in Cozumel.  I highly recommend the tequila factory tour.

Lunch on Lido

Key West and first time cruiser

Atrium on cruise elegant night (chose to wear formal) with a Miami Vice each


Mini golf

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Carnival Freedom

January 2014 - Carnival Freedom to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Dream

April 2013 - Carnival Dream to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Magic

January 2013 - Carnival Magic to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Spirit

August 2012 - Carnival Spirit to Alaska - Inside Passage

Carnival Valor

January 2012 - Carnival Valor to Caribbean - Southern

Carnival Glory

April 2011 - Carnival Glory to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Freedom

January 2011 - Carnival Freedom to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Dream

December 2009 - Carnival Dream to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Valor

January 2009 - Carnival Valor to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Ecstasy

October 2008 - Carnival Ecstasy to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Freedom

April 2008 - Carnival Freedom to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Miracle

October 2007 - Carnival Miracle to Caribbean - Southern

Carnival Legend

February 2007 - Carnival Legend to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Liberty

April 2006 - Carnival Liberty to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Triumph

March 2005 - Carnival Triumph to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Paradise

March 2004 - Carnival Paradise to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Elation

February 2003 - Carnival Elation to Mexico

Carnival Paradise

October 2002 - Carnival Paradise to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Triumph

April 2002 - Carnival Triumph to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Fascination

December 2001 - Carnival Fascination to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Destiny (RETIRED)

May 2001 - Carnival Destiny (RETIRED) to Caribbean - Southern

Carnival Paradise

April 2001 - Carnival Paradise to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Ecstasy

December 2000 - Carnival Ecstasy to Caribbean - Western

Carnival Fascination

October 2000 - Carnival Fascination to Caribbean - Southern

Carnival Ecstasy

October 2000 - Carnival Ecstasy to Caribbean - Western

Holiday (RETIRED)

October 2000 - Holiday (RETIRED) to Mexico

"Really 1998 First cruise"

AuntPinkie's Tips

Miami, Florida - If you go the night before, stay on the beach, We walked both the night before and the morning that we sailed.
Carnival Ecstasy Carnival Ecstasy - Remember it is a small ship and the crew can be more friendly than on some of the bigger ones. Watch out you just might become addicted. ;)

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