There are tons of articles that relate to sneaking alcohol on board a cruise ship.  The rum runners flasks seem to be the safest method.  This is not what I am interested in.


It seems to me that, having smuggled your contraband liquor on board, actually drinking it would be... annoying to say the least.  I imagine transferring alcohol from a 32 oz. bag to a smaller personal use bag, and then having to be sneaky the whole time you are on the boat, trying to sneak and add alcohol to your sodas, etc., which, by the way, you have to pay for anyway.  


Alternatively, I guess you have to be chained to your room.  As I am a grown up, I am not interested in getting hammered.  However, for alcohol to be worth the trouble, you are basically required to take a "loading dose" - for me, the equivalent of three drinks - and then a "maintenance dose" each hour thereafter during which you would like to feel the pleasant effects of alcohol consumption.  It seems to me that the hassle of having to return to the room (and/or be sneaky in public) at regular intervals to maintain a decent buzz would be counter-productive.  All in all, it seems as though sneaking alcohol on board is more trouble than it is worth.  I am leaning toward just purchasing a drinks package so I don't have to think so hard about what I am drinking.


I am interested in any others' thoughts on the subject.  Thanks in advance.