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Born in Buffalo NY, reside in Maryland. I enjoy relaxing with a drink in my hand, and toes in the sand. I keep busy working in Education, but when I'm not, I try and get to the gym, enjoy walks and photography, as well as anything crafty.

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Carnival Pride

September 2018 - 7 Night Eastern Caribbean (Baltimore Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Pride

1st Carnival Cruise

This was my first cruise and they lived up to the "Fun Ship" for sure. The crew and staff was amazing, Dr. E the cruise director was the best we ever had. We had a horribly rough first sea day but that was out of control. Ship is older and tired, so don't expect all the bells and whistles. The WiFi is NOT worth it.

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Harmony of the Seas

May 2018 - 7 Night Eastern Caribbean (Ft. Lauderdale Roundtrip) Cruise on Harmony of the Seas

Grandeur of the Seas

May 2017 - 5 Night Bermuda (Baltimore Roundtrip) Cruise on Grandeur of the Seas

Convienent and some hiccups

The cruise started out a little rough with a delay getting on the ship and leaving port. Apparently there was issues clearing the contractors with CBP and engine issues- which would later effect us getting to Bermuda. The first night was very rough and the second day I was not feeling so hot, but stayed by the pool and relaxed. The ship is smaller than some of the oasis ships we had been on recently, and shorter, so there was a bit of an adjustment. I didn't think it was so bad, but my boyfriend and his family said no more small ships. My boyfriend was a bit bored and missed the bigger ships, but I didn't mind it and made the most of it. His family booked this on our last cruise and thought we had a balcony, so it was a bit disappointing, but that didn't stop us. I ended up getting a massage and it was a bit strange. The room wasn't as dark as the rooms usually are and felt the movement more than ever so it was hard for me to relax. I wouldn't call it a bad cruise overall, but i've had better.

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Oasis of the Seas

September 2016 - 7 Night Western Caribbean (Ft. Lauderdale Roundtrip) Cruise on Oasis of the Seas

Well deserved Vacation

I booked this cruise after a bad day at work and planned it after the busiest part of work, and I will tell you I was ready for it and deserved it. There were some small minor nuisances we encountered. We have cruised RCI only, so we knew what we were getting into and have a level of expectations. 

We flew down the night before which I will highly recommend to anyone! We stayed at the Crowne Plaza hotel which was nice. Free easy shuttle from the hotel and $12 per person will get you a round trip from the hotel to the port and when you get back from the port to the airport. Money well spent for peace of mind and transportation. 


I will break down the cruise bit by bit here. Embarkation/check in was a mix bag. The checking in process went smooth and fast. We had a shuttle from our hotel, and it had us at the port around 10:30ish. There was no wait, and they were training someone, but no issues there, however the port workers for intercruises were not the most helpful. They gave no directions on where to go or any next steps.  The seating was a bit disorganized and the workers were not the friendliest (which was apparent in disembarkation). 


After about an hour, we were able to get onto the ship. The rooms were not ready, which was anticipated, so the BF and I found on air to have some drinks. It was the least crowded and a nice place to chill until some other not so pleasant cruisers made for an iffy atmosphere so we went to the boardwalk to grab a hot dog and buy some time until the rooms.


1pm came and the doors were still closed and no announcements. There were some other cruisers waiting outside our room doors as well. Once that was in a scooter told me to just open the door and go in. I wasn't going to argue, and sure enough no issues and maybe 3 minutes later the announcement that the rooms were ready came on. It seemed for the first couple of days things were always delayed... The rooms for one, We get there and there was no Crown and Anchor letter (which our state room attendant said it would be there tonight), I had on board credit that was not posted until the 2nd day. 


Now I will let you know these were all Little things. I still had a fantastic time and our wait staff was amazing! We didn't make one night because we had a late lunch on an excursion and I felt guilty. For breakfast we did room service on days we were in port/had excursions and it was the same old room service breakfast (scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon/sausage), or I went to the solarium bistro.  We only ate at the Windjamer once for lunch and it was the Windjamer... typical buffet food and set up. I will say the MDR food was great! They redid the menu and it was nice (taste and visual wise). What was fun was I ran across the chef on one of the channels that gave a sneak peak into some dishes. 


As far as entertainment, we did CATS, which if you are not familiar with it, I can see how it can be boring or confusing. It was extremely long! We went to a water show one night, but it was canceled because of lightning, which was a common occurrence because the show before us had the same issue.... We never did make it, which is saddening because I hear it is great! The comedy show was mediocure and short (maybe 40 min max).


My BF and I were trying to find "our bar" and favorite bartender, but could not find it (but we tried!). We are more of a Solarium couple where we like to relax there instead of the main pools. We never had an issue finding a chair, but the pool was small and crowded (well over the posted limit). 


I attended a few activities on board. The one time I wanted to do water aerobics, it never happened (but I walked by another morning and they were running it). The sales were overcrowded on the promanade, and not appealing this time around. I did go to an art auction and was tempted with a few pieces, but did not pull the trigger. The auction was a long auction (maybe too long). 


Overall it was a great cruise! We had a beach day in Labadee, Did a waterfall climb in Jamaica and Tequila experience in Mexico.  I wish I booked our next cruise on board, but we never got around to it, but will be doing one on my own anyways. 


I did buy water shoes for Labadee and the falls specifically. If you go to the Columbus cove, it is not rocky and there is a tram you can take to the end. The falls, you NEED the water shoes. There was a man in flip flops, and he did not last.... 


On disembarkation, it was a MESS and the workers were rude. Yes I will be picky here, but I work in a heavily customer service field. There was a HUGE backup. We did express disembark, which was not express. We ended up leaving our room at 8 (which was a delay on our part... I wanted to go earlier), and they had already started with the first couple of groups (ahead of schedule I do believe). The line off the gangway was backed up from the elevators, snaked twice, and to the doors. We were told "we are waiting for them" when we asked why we were not allowed to proceed downstairs to customs, and when I asked, "Who is 'them' " The woman rolled her eyes and didn't address my question/concerns.... This is not how you handle a crowd of people who are getting agitated and do not have any idea what is going on. Ft. Lauderdale has 2 sides for CBT, and the one side was backed up (The other side I would find was not so backed up, and how or why they wouldn't let the express go there, not sure....). We waited for a good 15-20 min and were finally allowed down the escalators. Overall, it was not organized and I left saying that we will be leaving out of our home port in bmore next time....

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Allure of the Seas

April 2016 - 7 Night Eastern Caribbean (Ft. Lauderdale Roundtrip) Cruise on Allure of the Seas

A mixed bag of good and bad.

This was the largest ship I've been on, and it was almost too large. Our experience was a mix of good and bad. The best I can say is that service was inconsistent. I would almost say that the ship was too large, and I was not able to experience everything it had to offer. Still have not gotten to the flow rider or the zipline on this ship. We were only able to go to one show because all of them were full before we were able to get make reservations (not a fan of the pre- reserving tickets). My partner is not a person that likes to pre-plan, because he is not sure he will be in a mood for one thing or another, so the reserving of shows prior did not suite us any. Either have a better system, adjust what they have, or offer more showings (Which I know would be hard on the performers, but with 6000+ guests, you would need to anticipate the demand). 2 of the ports I've been to previously, and Nassau was new, and I was not impressed. There were some shining moments and excellent individual crew members that made the experience better. I ended up getting an ultimate package under the assumption that "Specialty coffee" included the Starbucks per the sales person on the phone that was helping me, but come to find out, it does not. I would have stayed with the premium package had I known.  All in all, still nothing like a cruise, whether you are doing an excursion every port, or exploring on your own and relaxing by the pool. 

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Liberty of the Seas

April 2015 - 5 Night Western Caribbean (Ft. Lauderdale Roundtrip) Cruise on Liberty of the Seas

My return to cruising

I had gone on 2 previous cruises with RCI, and had a long sabbatical before coming back. This was a larger ship then my first 2 cruises, and my first time with a balcony room. It was my first time cruising with my boyfriend (who was his first cruise) and his parents. 

The room was great for the most part. We both could not seem to cool down. We always had the balcony door closed and the air up, but found ourselves hot a lot of the time. 

The port of calls were slightly disappointing. It was my first time in Belize and Cozumel. Our only excursion was to a "resort" area. My Boyfriend and I relaxed by the pool, and there were other things to do for more money, but we had a rough morning, so did not want to push it. 

I'm not sure if it was because I had not been cruising in some time, or if it was the cruise/ship, but it seemed like there were not as many activities on the ship as I remembered. It was the first time that the drink packages were offered for booze, and I jumped at the change. I must say it was super convenient. We did splurge with the cupcake shop which was a nice treat. 
Overall, it re-sparked my love for cruising, and was not a bad experience. 

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Explorer of the Seas

July 2007 - 9 Night Eastern Caribbean & Bermuda (Cape Liberty roundtrip) Cruise on Explorer of the Seas

Second time around- Relaxation was the goal

And relaxation I got. This was the second time around, on the same ship with the same cruise director as well. I was a little more seasoned and knew what to expect, and what not to do (Stay up all night the first night!). I cruised with the same group of friends the first time around and was still enjoyable. I enjoyed having a window overlooking the promenade and people watched 

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Explorer of the Seas

July 2006 - 9 Night Eastern Caribbean (Cape Liberty roundtrip) Cruise on Explorer of the Seas

First Cruise

This was my first cruise, and I loved it! I was so excited, I did not sleep the first night and well into the second day. I cruised with seasoned vets and their friends, so I had help and guidance. Getting the layout of the ship was tough at first, but I got into the swing of it. 

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Cruise Tips

Carnival Pride

Carnival Pride

Learn the layout. It is a different layout than most ships

King's Wharf, Bermuda

The first day I had gone out with family and took the water taxi to another part for shopping. Was not thrilled and didn't do any official excursions. Second day I stayed on the ship and had a nice time by the pool relaxing. Would have liked to try the local brewery or another small excursion. Family went to a beach the second day and loved it.

Grandeur of the Seas

Grandeur of the Seas

Easy ship to get around given the size. Solarium will fill up and is pretty hot because of the glass enclosure and size. The bistro is hidden in the back but good for a quick bite or lite bite to eat

Cozumel, Mexico

Experience Mexico and the Tequila experience was nice. Got Authentic tacos at the end and learned there is more than just a salted rim for a margaritta (Chile poweder all the way!)

Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas

Wear a fitbit! You will be impressed with how much you rack up your steps. Other than that, Book your shows ahead, skip bingo, and enjoy the ship! It is huge and you will not see everything. There is more than just the windjammer for breakfast and lunch... Never got to Johnny Rockets for breakfast

Nassau, Bahamas

Unless you have the time and money to spring for an excursion, I would stay on the ship.

Philipsburg, St. Maarten

I've done Magens bay, which has beautiful sand and calm waters, as well as Maho beach which had rougher waters, smaller beach, but great enjoyment with watching the planes land. Got a bucket of beer and had a blast! The shops are nice, and straw market was enjoyable.

Philipsburg, St. Maarten

If going to Maho beach, check to see how many ships are in port. The "Beach" is very tiny. We were the only ship in port (but a very large one) and it was pretty crowded. Was an experience that I think all should experience. Leave plenty of time for the cab back to the ship though, traffic can be rough after the Air France plane, as everyone is leaving at once.

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

Fantastic shopping port! Being we had a XL ship, we were in a different port than I have been used to, but taxis were cheap, but crowded.

Nassau, Bahamas

Unless you have the time at port and the money to spend on Atlantis, I would stay on the ship. There was not much to see close to the port, and walking down the streets and by the straw market is like going through a gauntlet.

Ft. Lauderdale (Port Everglades), Florida

I would highly recommend getting a hotel the night before the cruise, it will make your life so much easier. Did not do much of an excursion, but went downtown Saturday night and was VERY crowded.

Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas

Do not make the mistake we did, and reserve your shows early! With a big ship, prime slots fill up quick and the stand by option can be a pain an unorganized.

Liberty of the Seas

Liberty of the Seas

Patience is a virtue! We got to port early, but waited in the line and it was HOT! Once the line opened, it went smoothly for the most part. I might avoid the wind jammer and just have breakfast before boarding. Oh and ALWAYS pre-book your excursion. DO NOT wait until you are on the ship

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