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Aug 09, 2011

At Port Canaveral take the 888 taxi/shuttle to Cocoa Beach or the shopping village. They are there as soon as you exit the ship, can't miss them! Its $5 per person as long as there are at least 4 people in the van. If you're a couple just wait a couple of minutes for another couple.


Aug 09, 2011

Go the the buffet early if you want a nice relaxing breakfast. It gets really busy so be prepared to spend time finding a seat and waiting in line if you aren't early. There is also sit-down breakfast in Tsar's, one of the main dining rooms.


Sep 05, 2011

Do not miss the late night crepes made while you watch. Sweet!


Aug 30, 2011

if you are eating in Tsar restaurant request Sekarini from indonesia she was the best!!!


Dec 09, 2014

if you get an inside cabin have the beds split as when put together there is not enough room to even move a suitcase around, the chair and dressing table is a joke


Dec 26, 2012

I would recomend that your advertisements be updted to inform you have 13 inch ancient TV in rooms, that thier is smoking allowed on balconys so non smokers are not free of smoke anywhere on ship, and for goodness sake please put a coffee pot in room, who wants instant coffee on a cruise for gods sake


Jan 30, 2013

I was particularly fond of the soft serve ice cream machines and I was probably their best customer. Delicious!


Feb 07, 2013

When it looks like tables in the Garden Cafe are full and you see a table for four with only 2 people ask if you could join them , chances are they will share.


Jul 25, 2013

Go to Tsar's for dinner, it quiet intimate restaurant where all your request will be met. Friendly Staff just an awesome dining experience. Great way to recap the day with family and friends.


Jul 26, 2013

The Garden Cafe on deck 12 (buffet) is fantastic


Aug 02, 2013

Use the Italian restaurant to sit for breakfast and lunch. It's easier to find a seat.


Aug 30, 2013

My husband noticed about the 2nd day the colors of the carpet for which side of the ship we were on. Certain elevators didn't go to our floor. He noticed that if we were on the side with the purple carpet we walked one way and blue the other way. It helped us navigate.


Jun 13, 2013

Huge variety of places to eat that are included in your fare, complimentary, plus a huge variety of "pay out of pocket" places to eat. Simply understand that there is so much to do and see that you will not be able to do it all.


Sep 27, 2013

Book at least one speciality restaurant - it's worth it. Cagney's was amazing!


Sep 27, 2013

We ate the breakfast buffet on deck 12 every day - excellent food and no wait! It was freestyle (your own time) in the dining room, so similar to waiting at a restaurant. On the evenings we ate in the dining room, we went early and never waited in line.


Dec 28, 2013

Cheapest specialty drinks in the spinnaker 9-12


Jan 09, 2013

Try to go on a cruise when it is not a holiday weekend and the ship is jam packed.


Jan 19, 2014

The Star Bar seemed to be the least busy and the evening Bar Tender there would chat and was interested in learning about us as much as we were interested in learning about him!


Jun 20, 2014

Eat in the restaurants when possible, too much commotion at the buffet. You'd think for some people it was their last meal.


Jun 20, 2014

I always prefer the Tsar's Palace dining room for every meal. It's typically not crowded, the ambiance is great and the food is fabulous! I did visit the Garden Cafe (buffet) on deck 12 a couple of times and it was very crowded at every visit - use the Tsar's Palace!

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