860 Navigator of the Seas Tips


May 06, 2019

Scooner bar is definitely the place to be.


Jun 10, 2014

If you want a quieter pool experience go to the Solarium! At the Solarium there is plenty of sun, but shade as well. Also the Solarium is further away from the smoking section of the pool deck.


Jul 14, 2014

Promenade Deck is best for walking because of shade on blistering days and nice, constant breeze. FlowRider is fun and not as busy as expected.


Jul 12, 2014

Get your free ice skating show tickets (called Ice Dancin') on the first day. They go quick, and when they are gone you won't get in to the show. Book your massage on the first day, this is considered an in port day!


Jul 16, 2014

Go to the main dining room every night!!! It is so worth it!


Jul 19, 2014

Dunn Hills fall is a must. Stay away from the cayman Island and Tiki Beach excursion. They spend more tim showing you hotels than anything. I recommend that you buy your own snorkeling equipment and just take a cab to the beach.


Jul 26, 2014

ordered breakfast in room- always prompt and fresh ! Cosmopolitan Club is romantic and less crowded than others until about 11 PM.


Aug 09, 2014

Make sure you go to the Promenade for the cupcakes from 3-11. get there because they sell out early


Aug 16, 2014

Use the dining room not the windjammer


Aug 23, 2014

Go to the fifth floor at Starbucks and grab a fast coffee and/or snack & bring back to room.


Aug 25, 2014

Love the Promenade area, love being able to shop and then sit in a pub, or have a cup of coffee!!! Also, this ship was so easy to find our way around.


Aug 30, 2014

We mostly ate breakfast at the Windjammer, and there was a vast selection


Aug 30, 2014

Food is anywhere! You'll never get hungry! Always check the Compass or RCTV for activities and updates so you wont miss a thing!


Sep 06, 2014

Conserige Club is a fantastic place to read a book in quiet in a beautiful setting.


Sep 06, 2014

The best place out side is the front of the ship, you get to it by going to the forth floor and going up the outside stairs, great place to leave port from.


Sep 10, 2014

Shopping on board - if you see something you like, but you will buy it later, don't. There was a jewelry set I wanted to buy for my mother and for some reason, I didn't buy it then. I went back the next day, and that particular brand was never sold again during the rest of the cruise.


Sep 13, 2014

Excellent Royal Promenade. One of a kind place for you to have a drink and relax with those close to you


Sep 14, 2014

If you're going to order two entrees, make sure you order them at the same time other wise you won't have the opportunity to order more (though I think that goes for most cruise ships). Also the buffet probably has the best breakfast options.


Sep 19, 2014

Make sure you go to the top of the ship to gather and have a drink before dinner. The view is excellent and it is also a good place to play cards.

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