34 MSC Splendida Tips


Mar 30, 2013

Book into the Yacht Club. It costs a little more but you will have a more luxurious cruise and save money in the end


Jun 10, 2013

If you decide to go, avoid interacting with concierge, Paula. Better yet, take a different crusie


Jul 24, 2017

Book a port tour to enhance your experience


Dec 23, 2013

Go ready for an early morning start. Not for the late riser, you'd miss all the trips. Barcelona, Palermo and Genoa are easily reachable under your own steam from the ship/port, but would recommend cruise trips for La Goulette (so you aren't bothered by too many street sellers/beggars) and Rome .


Nov 02, 2015

Eat your lunchjin your assigned restaurant, the buffet is too crowed.


Jun 28, 2016

The Yacht Club takes away from the experience, as it limits parts of ships you can not visit, a resturant you can not use. Completely opposed to "class" of access to be able to do anything on board. Cruise lines heading in wrong way, and we will avoid these types of ships when ever possible.


Sep 06, 2016

Buy a beverage package. Now what your "experience" grants you. If you are an English-speaking guest, use your judgment when booking with MSC. It will not be a cruise where you get to know other cruisers and will spend a lot of time alone with those with which you are traveling.


Sep 23, 2016

Book a different cruise line


Nov 17, 2016

Enjoy the continental life, the elegance of the evening and the fantastic atrium entertainment.


Oct 21, 2016

Travel with someone who's been there before and/or fluent in other languages.


Nov 29, 2016

Don't book room 9087, where the balcony is at the corner and the balconies from the 2 adjacent rooms can easily look into the room's balcony.


Dec 02, 2016

Book the Yacht Club. Period


Dec 09, 2016

Unless you like high pressure sale and so-so food, do not sail with MSC


Dec 09, 2016

Without a doubt, try to book a Yacht Club room. Worth the expense.


Apr 19, 2017

think twice before you book. make sure you can deal with the many shortfalls on board.


Mar 16, 2017

There are people embarking at every port. Be ready for the muster drill to be repeated every port day in at least 5 languages. There don't seem to be enough elevators. It makes getting to dinner and excursions difficult if you can't take the stairs.


Jun 05, 2017

Book balcony cabins and lreferably back of boat.


May 01, 2017

Expect to see mostly Europeans and 4,000+ people - ship is large and simply gorgeous.

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