7 Iona Tips


Aug 21, 2021

Given the size of the ship, for ease of navigation a tip is that silver circles on the wall by the lifts mean you are midship, blue means front and red means back. If you are in the horizon restaurant the fish on the wall are facing towards the front of the ship


Sep 11, 2021

Don’t bother with drink packages , you can take as much water and soft drinks of your own on as you want . And you can take 1 litre per person of alcohol


Sep 11, 2021

Log on to the ‘app’ as soon as possible and book your entertainment. Details are in your cabin. We were among the later boarders and still easily managed to book everything we wanted and more within minutes. Don’t leave it, you snooze you loose.


Sep 01, 2021

Try to arrange to book meals as early as you can using the new onboard booking system!


Sep 25, 2021

Try and get a balcony cabin on deck 10 aft. They have deeper balconies. Avoid any balcony on deck 8! There is no privacy whatsoever!


Oct 17, 2021

Choose where you want to eat early and then book for the full cruise

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