162 Disney Wonder Tips


Feb 04, 2015

Get passes to see the princesses, as soon as you board the ship! You get a "fast pass" with a time to see them. Enjoy the kids scheduled activities in kids clubs

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Aug 18, 2014

Buy Disney Wonder/Alaska sailor hats, shirts, etc on the ship to be signed instead of bringing pillowcases. Noticed that sales items changed each day but the 2014 stuff was always on sale. You gotta admit that you were going to buy it anyway so you might as well get it signed by Mickey & the Gang.

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Jul 18, 2014

Choose laundry times wisely. Do not wait until the last morning. Use deck plans located near the elevators for the first couple of days to find out where you need to go. They are very easy to use and can get you from point A to point B very quickly.

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Oct 11, 2013

There was food at all times! Deck 9 was the best food at all times and many of where to choose from .from tenders to smoked salmon. Great Great Great

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Jun 02, 2011

Keep your room key handy with a boojeebeads lanyard. So much to do on the cruise that it's convenient if you don't have to hunt for your ID room key.


Sep 01, 2011

Avoid waiting in lines to meet characters throughout the voyage. the last night of your trip all of them come out to greet in the lobby - way easier to walk up and get pictures with your favorites.


Aug 08, 2012

Love your dinner...drop a hint to your waiter and you will get two dinners! Yum!


Dec 11, 2014

The variety of kids' shows was perfect for our 5-year old grandchild. Other activities - geared for older kids and adults - were also perfectly planned.

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Jul 01, 2014

Our cabin on the 8th (top sleeping level) was extremely noisy, what we believe to be from the traffic at the pools since the sounds came from above. Consider booking on level 7 instead. We didn't have so many disruptions when we stayed on 7.

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Jul 17, 2014

Don't bother waiting in line early in the week to meet the princesses... you'll run into them throughout the week on the ship, just keep your camera handy. We actually lined up to meet 5 princesses on the last day of the cruise.. the line-up was only 20minutes long. Go to Palo twice... delicious!

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Aug 10, 2014

They have a beverage station on Deck 9 aft and we used it a lot. Beverages ordered on Room Service are charged. You need to be at least a half hour early to get a seat together. People are not supposed to save seats but they do.

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Sep 15, 2014

Its older, so for instance they would do maintenance during the day that was loud in our stateroom. We contacted guest services to find out what it was and they promptly responded and it ceased for us to catch a nap.

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Dec 07, 2014

You are assigned a seated meal in a dining rotation. I highly suggest you do NOT go to the buffet instead!!! They always have a highlight or activity during the meal which keeps it exciting. You also find the best waitors & waitresses around!

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Feb 15, 2015

Stay onboard during visits to Grand Cayman/Nassau, etc...nice to have the ship to yourself! Make sure to enjoy Castaway Cay, though. READ the book in the room. Lots of helpful info--ie: the ship has laundry facilities for guests to use--$1/wash, $1/dry. My 9 yo loved Animator's menu the best.

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Feb 13, 2014

Ship was immaculate. Crew very concerned about health and happiness of guests. Character picture taking time were lines were too long and times were not long enough

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