46 Costa Mediterranea Tips


Jun 28, 2016

Do your study about destination because cruise line does not provide much information.


Jul 26, 2016

Don't bother, use another line.


Aug 01, 2016

Do Not expect ANYTHING of the boat.


Sep 16, 2016

No real guidance on what to pack clothes-wise. There was a formal night and a white night. I did take dresses, but could have survived with shorts and capris, since I stopped going to dining room due to the poor quality of the food.


Aug 08, 2016

Bring your own food -- seriously!


Sep 07, 2016

Just never use this company to sail as there are other companies more reliable and safer


Nov 14, 2016

Don't forget to take advantage of the gym and the steam/sauna.


Mar 20, 2017

Open seating is good if you go early. Later on, there are lines.


May 12, 2017

They serve tea from real teapots in the afternoons and you can either enjoy cold or warm milk with your tea! Much appreciated : )


May 16, 2017

Bring extra toiletries and portable entertainment for days at Sea, Buy a beverage package or you will go bankrupt even if you don't consume alcohol, Lock in an open seating time you prefer but show up early to get a window table at dinner,


Aug 09, 2017

This is budget cruise. The price is right but it is not a cruise for good food.


Aug 16, 2017

This is a mixture of Europeans and others from all over, which we prefer. If you're looking for a US boat, this isn't it.


Apr 14, 2018

On the right side of the theatre is a small staircase down to a hidden very good bar with live band every night.


Jun 08, 2018

If you enjoy cruises and quality in food, service and staff attention, DO NOT TAKE A COSTA CRUISE !!!!

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