183 Celebrity Edge Tips


Dec 18, 2019

Study floor plans ahead. The bars have minimal seating. All high end shopping


Mar 19, 2019

Select all Four dining rooms for evening meals.


Apr 16, 2019

Dinner themes maybe ---- buffet to much to pick from


Apr 29, 2019

Not sure I would recommend this ship for young families but for young adults on up its a dream. Would be an outstanding Honeymoon experience for Newlyweds or those celebrating an anniversary.


Apr 29, 2019

Make sure you get at least the classic drink package, otherwise you'll be paying for drinks and gratuity, and make sure your phone has a good international plan otherwise you'll be roaming and might get crazy charges, be prepared to have lots of fun.


Apr 30, 2019

Don't ever think your going to get to sit at an outside bar and have some shade, there arn't any!


Mar 24, 2019

Explore the whole ship. There are spaces everywhere not just by the pool. The rooftop garden is exquisite and quiet as is the solarium pool.


Apr 30, 2019

Don’t bring kids under 21. There are no children activities. They just annoy all the other passengers especially in the pool.


May 01, 2019

I am 64 years old and considered myself one of the youngest on the ship besides some young families traveling with children. I like to be the oldest when going somewhere.


Mar 31, 2019

Make good use of hot tubs and pools in the evening. We did every night because they were empty


Apr 23, 2019

Do not plan to hang many clothes. Instead, bring clothing that can be folded.


Jun 02, 2020

The Edge is a first class experience.. if your on a tight budget you may be a little stressed... In my opinion it is worth it though.


Apr 04, 2019

The ship is goregous but study what you want to do and prepare yours days ahead so your not running around like a chicken with your head cut off.


Apr 10, 2019

Go with an open mind and try to embrace what they're trying to accomplish


Apr 10, 2019

embarkation and disembarkation smoothest and easiest very but the shows were strange


May 12, 2019

The most amazing ship of the fleet so far


Apr 11, 2019

We have always had a fantastic time on Celebrity, they certainly missed the mark on this ship. I would not book the Edge or the Apex which is its sister ship.


Apr 12, 2019

Explore the ship and enjoy all the experiences offered.

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