9 Celebrity Apex Tips


Sep 14, 2021

You’ll have a wonderful time.


Aug 10, 2021

The music is a bit skewed towards an older crowd. The pool is a bit small, but, overall, it's an amazing ship. Would do again for sure.


Jun 29, 2021

For the "free" internet, you get what you pay for. Count on springing for the package if you want to do anything at all online.


Aug 16, 2021

I recommend making specialty dining reservations in advance to ensure you get to experience.


Jul 12, 2021

Spend your first hour roaming the ship and getting to know where things are.


Sep 07, 2021

The ship is beautiful, the staff and service great, food not as expected.


Jul 09, 2021

Make sure you get Celebrity SELECT dining so you can experience ALL 4 MDRs.... and don't overlook the Specialty Restaurants, especially the FIne Cut Steakhouse and La Petit Chef!


Aug 31, 2021

Get more info on ports of call. There's limited info shared on the ship, especially hours at dock. The concierge desk left messages which was helpful. For example, getting off at Santorini either meant a cable car, walking or a donkey! There was also very limited ship announcements and when they did speak, it was hard to hear/understand.


Sep 19, 2021

Take time to explore the ship.

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