1047 Carnival Vista Tips


Aug 03, 2016

Don't forget to bring clothes for the "cruise formal" evenings. Take your own photos as much as possible, unless you don't think 20 bucks for a digital copy of an image is too steep.


Sep 07, 2016

Book shore excursions early one. We used Carnival Excursions which guarantees you if something should happen on an excursion and you would be late getting back to the ship, they will not leave you. They will leave you if you have booked outside arrangements and you are late getting back.


Sep 18, 2016

Be sure to reserve the pay restaurants or get to restaurant early for your at sea days. They are free during lunch however lines are long.


Oct 01, 2016

Be sure to reserve a night at Chef's Table-- best ever!


Oct 04, 2016

Be aware that early dining interferes with most shore excursions...we never were back on time or made it to dinner on time. After 18 cruises,this has never been an issue till this cruise


Feb 23, 2017

My tip is take the longest Cruise you can on this ship and try all the great places to eat !!


Sep 06, 2017

It's a great time. The ship is a bit crowded with so many people and if it rains, there's not really a good central point on the ship that fits everyone. The pool was a bit crowded at times. The buffet lines and the pizza lines were unacceptable. Over 45 minutes to get a slice of pizza because people would get to the counter and get 6 pizzas at a time. I wish there was a 2 pizza minimum at one time that could be enforced.


Feb 20, 2018

Tip-plan your day anticipating 4,000 other people are going to be doing. For example, if you want a chair next to the pool area, you will have to get up early to reserve them, or you won't get one. If you can, do early or late time dining. The dine anytime crowd always had frustrated people waiting to eat, had rotating servers who didn't know your preferences, and just didn't hold the same value and priority that the set dining time people experienced.


Aug 24, 2020

Do the sky ride on a day in port. Come back early and do it while everyone is still out. Line is much shorter that way


Jun 14, 2016

go for it, you will not be disappointed.


Jun 23, 2016

Relax and have a great time - sailing on the Vista is the best !


Jun 27, 2016

this boat doesn't compare to previous carnival ships I have been on. this is truly family friendly with the lastest of technology there are some upcharges.


Jul 08, 2016

This ship has all the technology I'd want in a ship. The Hub App made it easy to get around the ship (the maps) and for the most part the chat app works. However, we had a lot of messages that did not get sent or received. That led to some confusion. Other than that, there's so much to do on Vista!


Jun 14, 2016

great shows, and activities, we loved the skyride, and sky rope course, waterslides, pools and jacuzzi.


Aug 11, 2016

Bring a multi outlet plug in (if it is allowed). Only two plugs in the entire room. Order room service the night before for excursions.


Aug 21, 2016

None. Do not take this ship. Pools and hot tubs were not adequate for the large number of people on board.


Aug 31, 2016

Book your excursions prior to sailing. In order to take advantage of time at each port you must take excursions and have experienced tour guides.


Sep 06, 2016

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