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Dec 31, 2017

Entertainment in theatre according to other passengers same as previous years eg U2/Duran Duran tribute bands and Roy Walker. No my choice If you don’t like a particular menu ask for choices from other menus

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Mar 29, 2019

Try Brodies Bar, it is not a casino but so much more. A great place to hang out, drink, watch sports on tv, talk, quiz etc. etc.

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Aug 11, 2018

We took far too many clothes, but as it was our 1st cruise we were unsure what to pack. Keep an eye on the time if on an excursion, not a p and o ones. Clocks will go forward an hour, so make sure you adjust your watch.

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Sep 10, 2018

Don't buy the drinks package. Far too limiting. Single shorts only even if a double is well within the 'per drink limit'. Medium glass of wine when a large glass is within the limit. 15 minute wait per drink. Cant buy a coffee and a bottle of water at the same time. Come on P&O, this is pathetic!!

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Oct 19, 2018

Go with an open mind and enjoy your cruise she is a great ship always look on the positive side enjoy 😀.

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