33 Arcadia Tips


Jul 18, 2017

Get up an go to the restaurant for breakfast. It is so much more pleasant than engaging in the buffet scrum. On second thoughts, you keep doing the buffet and leave the restaurant peaceful and uncrowded for me.

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Oct 06, 2017

Take a vacuum flask type cup to take a coffee on deck. Try and remember that if you notice which direction the ship is travelling in you'll get your head round where the Meridian Restaurant and the Palladium Theatres are......

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Sep 28, 2018

Start the day with a perfect omelette, made to order, and a big smile from Gilbert while he makes it!


Aug 02, 2019

P&O could do better but they are a lot cheaper than most cruise lines especially with no tips. Think it was good value for money, drinks were reasonably priced and entertainment excellent, especially the Headliner shows. We did the RTW and would do it again despite the jaded cabins and the lax service it was an excellent cruise.

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