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by PrettyUnlimited

Our family of 4 lives in NJ. We took a train & cab for less than $100 to get us all to the ship. Got to the ship at 11am. Ate lunch on the ship at 12:30pm! My 6 yr old son was in the hot tub with the city skyline behind him. Great moment! So much easier than flying. No luggage restrictions and so much cheaper!!!


by floatersunited

Loved new york last time we sailed out from there it is a bit pricey but hey it is new york loved time square loved central park did all the tourist things we had time to do a defo must do is the 911 memorial take a tissue or 3 you will need them cant wait to see you again in January sailing on ncl escape ⛴⛴🇺🇸🇺🇸


by cgriffis3150

Debarkation day we chose self assist. Since we were in a suite we had priority Debarkation. We were sent to the Liquid Lounge to wait. Once we were released it was a short walk through the ship and out to customs. Pretty good crowd here and customs was a little slow. Once we were released it was a short walk to our bus for airport transfer. Short wait for everyone to board and off to the airport.

by marebello

It was easy to get a cab to the Manhattan port. It will save some time and money to get off at 12th Ave & 48th St instead of driving into the entrance on 55th st. The attendants will take your luggage on 48th St. New York is a great place to explore.

Visited: Jul 16, 2017

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by JONO202

Finally onto NYC! This is where we departed the rest of the friends we made along the way, who continued to Miami. I have sailed into, and out of Manhattan numerous times, and it's a sight that I never grow tired of. It's really something special, in my opinion. We got off, blew past the 2 hour wait to get a cab, went a few blocks south and hailed a cab with no issues at all, continued on to Penn Station where we checked our bags for the day ($10 per bag for 24 hours, with proof of travel). Like we've done in the past, we just make a day out of being there, and got our train at 6:45pm that evening. We had a great day, it's New York City, if you can't have fun there, you can't have fun anywhere. 

Visited: Sep 29, 2018

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by benaschak

Regent put us in in a 5 star hotel in Manhattan, view from the 29th floor was amazing. Walked about 10k on the busy sidewalks of NYC. Loved the hustle & bustle & activities.

Visited: May 15, 2019

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