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Raiatea is the second largest island of French Polynesia after Tahiti. A tour of the island will reveal lush green valleys, numerous waterfalls, pineapple and vanilla plantations. Discover fascinating underwater scenery within Raiatea's deep lagoon which is rich with fish, and surrounded by mountains.

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by rpramuka

Raiatea was beautiful. We would like to go back for a couple of days. We did a snorkel tour to Taha'a Coral Gardens. It was a drift snorkel. Having to go in a line with inexperienced snorkelers was a disaster. Many people ended up being forced into the coral and were scrapped up.

Visited: Dec 23, 2019

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by GregoryR3

This was the only port with a warft other than Papeete. That means the market and the art shops are with in walking distance and should be visited. Try to go beyond the shops at the dack, they are better stocked and priced.

Visited: Feb 18, 2008

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