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Less visited than the other Society Islands, Huahine maintains more of the traditional pace of life. There are ancient fares (temples) to explore, vanilla plantations to view or drives into the hinterlands in 4-wheel-drive-vans. The coral reefs offshore are excellent for snorkeling.

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When in Huahine, there is nothing to do in Maroe where the ship is. The best is to book your excursion in advance. We booked a sailing cruise with a small party of 6 cruisers on the Eden Martin : wonderfull snorkeling at the motu Vaiorea and nice beach break with picnic at the Hana Iti Beach.


We did snorkel and safari truck tour! The snorkel guy brings you to his personal island where he lives. He's got great dogs that will swim in the water with you. Its so relaxing. Offered him a tip and he said that my enjoyment was his tip! Then we went to the pearl farm; meh but okay. Then we went on a truck to tour the island. Bring your mosquito repellant (or get Vit. B12 shots before you go on vacation). Also a lot of fun! Easy for everyone from teens to active seniors!

Visited: Dec 22, 2018

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