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The vast majority of South Australia's 1.4 million people live in this capital city. Adelaide enjoys a Mediterranean climate, and is home to miles of fine sandy beaches. Sample the fine wines and the fresh seafood. The surfing in the Adelaide region is legendary as well. The region is also home to countless gardens, parks, and nature reserves.

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We booked the McLaren Vale experience for my wife and I in Adelaide. I was told by the guest services staff that I would have to pay for an adult ticket of $189 for my child who is 4 years old. I was not presented with an alternative but I wanted to take my wife on the highly recommended tour. I paid the fee of $189 for my son who is four years old to accompany us on the tour. The tour was great for two adults but NOTHING was offered for kids. So I did not understand why I was told I had to pay an adult fee of $189 for my son during a wine experience. It is not like I received an extra wine glass for tasting during the tour. I feel I was mislead when booking the excursion and was forced to pay for an adult ticket with no consideration of the type of excursion I was booking.

Visited: Nov 01, 2015

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