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Say 'G'day' to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Stroll along the world-famous Bondi and Watsons Beaches. Tour the Sydney Opera House on Bennelong Point, shop for Aboriginal art, or go on a photographic safari. This diverse land is home to crocodiles, koalas, emus, and, of course, kangaroos.

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I’ve travelled a lot but never sailed out of Sydney harbour before ( I live there). Wow. It IS so beautiful and not to be missed. Even got up early to see it again as we came home. So much to see in Sydney too for visitors. Couldn’t get many places in the world where you get off the ship and straight into the city. So easy!!!


Add a couple of nights to stay in the heart of Sydney. The Circular Quay area is next to the main port with convenient access to Sydney's excellent water taxis and Train systems. It walking distance to them, plus walking distance to the iconic Sydney Opera House, botanical gardens, and the Rocks (shopping/dining).

Visited: Jan 28, 2017

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my old home town........ best city in the world, the harbour....the harbour bridge.....the opera house....the ferries ....the zoo....the beaches.....the food......the people

Visited: Apr 03, 2018

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Whats not to like? As with San Francisco, Auckland, HongKong etc we were there for two days. Yes, we visited the bridge, the opera house, blue mountains, Featherdale Park (kangaroos and much more) , Manly beach etc. Too much to do, so little time

Visited: Jan 02, 2017

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We stayed in Sydney three days ahead of the cruise and learned how the trains and buses worked. Got an Opal card and used the ferry to Manly Beach. Took an excursion to the Blue Mountains. Took in Featherdale Park feeding the animals, rode the rides in Scenic World, saw the Three Sisters and great scenery, rode on the Parametta River under the Sydney Harbor Bridge, ate meat pies at Harry's, explored Chinatown, toured the city doing the free walking tours at the Rocks and in the Royal Botanical Garden and Observatory. We had a fabulous time. We could have easily stayed a few more days visiting the attractions. Got to see the Sculptures by the Sea on Bondi Beach and enjoyed the walks around the beach. Saw the Sydney Opera House special show on the sails at night. We had fun. All of our tours were on our own at the various ports on this cruise because we like to make our own adventures and find it more affordable for four people. We love exploring new places and learning how to do things the way the locals do it by asking questions and researching in advance before we get there. If your tours were not so expensive, we may have considered some of them.

Visited: Oct 30, 2017

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