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The attractive, historic town and modern container port of Port Chalmers, on a tiny peninsula 12km from Dunedin, is worth a half-day trip for its magnificent harbour views offset by bush-covered hills, its fine nineteenth-century buildings and its thriving artistic community. The site was chosen in 1844 as the port to serve the proposed Scottish settlement of New Edinburgh, later called Dunedin. The first settlers arrived on the John Wickliffe in March 1848 and named the port after the Reverend Dr Thomas Chalmers.

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Dunedin has many things to do and not every attraction is within walking distance so I recommend a day tour. We booked a day tour with a great company called: Good Company Tours. They pick you up from your ship (so you avoid a $20 return shuttle from the Port Chalmers port to Dunedin city area). From there it takes you to many places: Baldwin Street (the steepest street in the world). It then takes you to the beautiful Dunedin Railway Station and drives you past scenic streets and lets you stop for photos. After you go to Larnarch Castle where you can buy lunch as it isn't included. When you get dropped off at the castle you get 1 hour for lunch at the cafe (the cafe is overpriced and not worth the money) and to look at the gardens. After you get a tour of the castle. They drop you off at the Octagon (Dunedin City Area) which has nice shops, restaurants and cafes (though there are also Dunedin Botanic Gardens, markets, museums and more) then they drop you back to your ship. Anyway Dunedin is really beautiful. Also Port Chalmers has a few cool things to do.


Did Dunedin by bus on our own and went to Cadbury Chocolate, had a great time there then walked around the shopping center before getting the bus back to Port Charmers


Dunedin is beautiful. The architecture is gorgeous - train station and churches. See the botanical gardens (walking distance from downtown) and the Cadbury chocolate factory. See the free museum next to the train station.

Visited: Jan 28, 2017

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Visited the Dunedin Botanical Gardens which were fantastic, rose gardens and the wonderful Heritage Homes in the city.

Visited: Nov 24, 2018

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