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by ItaVero

I LOVED Port Stanley. For a special and unique "souvenir" I stopped in at the local police station and asked for a driver's license. The license itself is a big sheet of paper with photo and vitals - for a bit extra they throw in a wallet-sized version (all-told around $50). It took around 30 minutes and is good for life. Warning: the local banks won't accept U.S. dollars that have been "defaced" (that's ANY marks, ink pen scribbles, stamps, etc.). This causes local stores trouble - they want your dollars but don't want to get stuck with bills the banks won't accept.

Visited: Feb 15, 2017

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by JudieCCC

The 4x4 land rover ride was VERY rough to get to the penguin. My 80 year old back didn't enjoy it. However, once to the penguin colonies and the homemade treats....well, I'd do it again.

Visited: Mar 21, 2017

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by josanne

Excellent. A long tender ride in and out 20 minutes each way. Tip. Get up VERY EARLY and que for tender place. Wonderful museum and memorial. Only visited Stanley town but great people and nice to get a greater understanding of their way of life and connection with the UK. Had about 5 hours there. As Cape Horn is not mentioned in this review I will state my disappointment that we did not go around Cape Horn as I was hoping. Captains call. If he didn't go around on this trip he NEVER will! Windy but the size of the ship should have been able to manage the seas with ease. Mind you I wasn't responsible foe 1200 people.

Visited: Dec 01, 2017

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by sbparks

Easy to walk around the town of Stanley to get an appreciation for the island and experience the various weather changes that can take place within a few short hours. Visit the Historic Dockyard Museum. Also, must visit the The Falkland Collection Souvenir shop located on the museum grounds. You must take time to speak with the owner whose is all knowledgeable about the Falklands.

Visited: Dec 06, 2016

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by randy618

Nice town to walk around. Would not waste money on internet as they charge $3/10 minutes for very slow internet. Did not think much of Gypsy Cove as you must stay on a path. Any penguins or sea lions are a good distance away. Get in line 45 minutes early if you want to be on 1st set of tenders. Many tours take several hours off road so best to be there early if you want to take tours.

Visited: Feb 01, 2017

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by Gorgie

I absolutely loved the Falkland Islands. I was worried we would not get to stop because they said half of the visits or too windy to stop so we were delighted we got to stop. Stanley was so clean, friendly, beautiful and had the best gift shops of any place on the entire trip. We went on the excursion out to see the King Penguins at Volunteer Point. It was utterly wonderful. Five miles out of town the roads turned to dirt, 20 miles later we went off road in our jeeps and 4 by 4's. Over the grass, gulley’s, riverbanks, slick spots, rocks and around sheep. It took an hour and a half to get there and an hour and a half to get back to the main road. We had an hour and 15 minutes when we got there to see the penguins. We could tell in the distance that a storm was coming. We took lots of pictures of the penguins before it started to rain but once it did it went from 60 degrees down to 30 and began sleeting and it was blowing at 30 miles an hour. We were soaked and freezing but the penguins were so beautiful that we kept filming until we just couldn't take it anymore. 15 minutes after we got back in the jeep it was sunny again. It was fascinating watching the penguins and sheep intermingle without any problems. The huge colony of penguins were right on the edge of the ocean and it was an idyllic spot. I would love to have spent several days there. It was a fabulous day in spite of the rain.

Visited: Dec 17, 2018

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