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Nicaragua's principal port on the Pacific Ocean, Corinto is located in sheltered Corinto Bay, which lies at the southeastern end of low-lying Aserradores (Punta Icaco) Island, connected by bridges with the mainland. It is the main port of entry for passengers and cargo bound for Nicaragua, and it handles most of the country's exports.

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by glomarrone

Visit charming colonial Leon at the base of Momotombo volcano. It was the former capital - an 1 1/2 drive from the port. Most important city after Managua. See colonial-style streets, old architecture, houses with wooden roofs. Visit the lovely park and La Asuncion Cathedral and climb up to the roof for picturesque views.

Visited: Dec 08, 2014

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by Traveler122

Took excursion to Leon. Excellent new bus, great guide, interesting city. They don't have many tourists so don't expect tourist stuff. Notice how clean everything is for Central America. Hints of government control.

Visited: Dec 01, 2017

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by thunderfan87

had a blast with Nicatours and Kenneth as a tour guide when i came with my co workers, now im going back cause i still have to visit other places.. those interested on a good excursion and a good english speaken guide contact them to jd2brothers@gmail.com


by HeidiMonkey

We had a really great excursion here. We did a private excursion with Reynaldo Romero 505.8296.0670 or 505.88235931. We got to see more places in our excursion that we ever would have if we had taken a ship excursion. We got to eat bananas that had only been off the tree less than 24 hours, we saw volcanos, mud pots. Leon was so gorgeous! We went to an art museum and saw beautiful art and pictures, we went to the top of the cathedral and saw the gorgeous views. We also went to a local mercado and saw all kinds of products available for purchase. The guava's were huge, as were the avocados. The produce variety was incredible. If you get a chance to do a tour with Reynaldo, please tell him hi from Heidi. I hope to be able to go do another tour in Nicaragua with him again.

Visited: Mar 04, 2019

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