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Took a tour through the cruise line, really that's the only way to do it. Because the times entering the Panama Canal vary. Tour was well managed, we got to See a movie on the making of the canal and also took a bus tour through the surrounding city.


I paid $170USD to go on the boat tour, went through the Canal all the way to Pacific Ocean. I saw the Continent divider, felt the water riaise and drain, witnessed the moment of gate opened, and watched the huge container ship went through the same process at the next line... The experience is amazing, just a bit expensive. And there is no crocodile showed up this time...


be sure to check out what your excursion is suppose to do-- we did the ferry which took over 7 hours-- there is a bus drive of 1 hour to get to the next set of locks plus another bus trip back to ship which is about 1 1/2 hours Be sure to set in the shade on the ferry because even in October it was extremely hot only those on excursions were able to get off the boat at Gatun Lake

Visited: Oct 18, 2015

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