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Spain's third-largest city, and capital of the province of Valencia, comes as a pleasant surprise to many. Home to paella and the Holy Grail, it is also blessed with great weather and the spring festival of Las Fallas, one of the wildest parties in the country.

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Valencia was absolutely beautiful. Port is a bit of a trek from the city and you really cannot walk. We took a taxi, which was about €10 each way, but quick. We walked around the old town, saw the old Mercat and then walked down the old river (that is now a park) and saw the new Arts and Sciences center with its great architecture.

Visited: Sep 18, 2018

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Beautiful city. Wouldn't bother with 'courtesy' bus supplied by the cruise company (€12 each). Free shuttle bus which was hidden at the port side and so many public buses that take you into the centre for €1.50. Ask where the free shuttle bus is when you get off the boat. But such a beautiful city, would love to return.


The old town of Valencia is lovely, beautiful church, great street Cafe's and open air seating areas, just off the main drag is an open market area for a bit of shopping. 10/10

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