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The walled inner town of St. Malo dominates the view as you sail into the harbour of this historic city, making this ancient naval port one of France's top tourist attractions. It is possible to walk the perimeter of the inner town on the ramparts on top of the walls. The walk not only gives fine views of St. Malo itself but also up the valley of the Rance towards Dinard and out over the numerous off shore islets.

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by jcole2017

Access is by tender, but then it’s all walkable, no buses! The old walked city is right there and you can walk along the top of the ramparts the whole way around the old town. Interesting beaches, a mountain too park only accessible at low tide. Absolutely spotless, well maintain and authentic. We walked over 5 km, never got near a car or bus. Beautiful place. Highly recommended.


by NYTexans

We also did St Malo and Dinan on our own. Out visit was on a Thursday and one of the special things to do is to go either to or from the old city of Dinan from St Malo by boat. The boat line doesn't operate on Thursdays and perhaps one other day of the week. So if you are looking at a cruse with St Malo/Dinan try and go on a day that you can enjoy the boat ride to Dinan.

Visited: Aug 25, 2017

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