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We took advantage of the illumination tour, city bus tour, and Monmartre tour which we added later. The illumination tour was by far a delight at the Effiel Tower. I felt like I was ten years old. The city bus tour was good since my husband and I would be spending four days in Paris at the end of our cruise. We were able to access the lay of the land. Montmartre was made very easy to get to. Since we have some mobility issues the tour worked well for us.

Visited: Oct 27, 2018

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We chose not to do an excursion since we'd spent three days in Paris prior to the cruise. On our own, we walked from the boat to the Eiffel Tower along the Seine, which was lovely. A perfect end for us!

Visited: May 09, 2015

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There is a _lot_ of construction going on around the Louvre, to the east and along the river (1st Arrondissement). Some significant redevelopment in that area. I'd look elsewhere for a hotel in the immediate near future.

Visited: Aug 05, 2016

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