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Steep, rugged Sicily had bred a race of fierce, funny and passionate people. From this important port, drive up the coast to visit Taormina. First Greeks, then Romans used this as a place of worship and reward. View the temples and the theater, Mt. Etna in the distance, or take a stroll and shop in the little village before you leave.

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We booked a "Godfather" tour through Sicily Shore Excursions with another couple and thoroughly enjoyed visiting the small towns, church, cafe and train station where parts of the movies were shot. It was also nice to get into the small towns of Sicily.

Visited: May 25, 2018

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Would have been great, if it didn't have a deluge of rain. The skies opened up like I never saw before. Would have liked to see this again, when it is drier, and had more time to explore.

Visited: Oct 06, 2010

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