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by AndisMomFL

Beautiful little harbor with a few restaurants but you need to grab a taxi into the little village of Chania for a wonderful market spanning several blocks with every souvenir you could possibly think of and several al fresco tavernas. Great day!


by bright10

Great harbor restaurants. Take the carriage rides. Would have been better if they docked close enough to Knossis to tour the ruins, but Chania was better than expected.

Visited: Oct 21, 2015

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by abauld

Beautiful city, especially at the Venetian Port. Great food and very reasonably priced. Like Bari, I'm glad we ignored the MSC advice to take their shuttle into town. MSC were charging 19 Euros for a child and adult, but the local bus company has a bus stop on the pier, just yards from the MSC bus, costing only 1.70 Euros. They left every 5 minutes or so and ran all day - no issues with getting about.

Visited: Jul 26, 2019

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