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by wjanzen5

another very interestion port. we secured a cab, and did an island tour.


by tonisg

my second cruise when i was probably 10 lol but it was beautiful visiting family but were sad because it was only a short visit..enjoyed the places and the cruise


by meekobelle

This was our first visit to Trinidad and we were really looking forward to it but our excursion was extremely disappointing. Did a trip to Maracas beach. Did not realize the drive was over an hour each way. Wouldn't have been so bad if we had a driver or guide who could tell us about the landmarks and places we passed on the way but that was not the case. When we got to Maracas beach it was a huge disppointment compared to beaches we've visited on other islands. There was quite a bit of trash and broken glass. Then as were sitting on the beach a huge fight broke out amongst some locals. When we went to the cafe we saw police carrying machine guns. Just did not feel like a very safe place. Lastly on the way back to the ship we were stuck on the bus for almost an hour due to a rock slide that blocked the road. It took almost 2 hours to get back to port. Not sure if we would want to visit this island again but if we do we'll definitely not do this excursion again.

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