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by OchoTaco88

Beautiful compound with golf courses and awesome views. Some said it’s “just a golf club” but the views are what make it beautiful. I guess the train ride “tour” might be fit better for some. Then again, that’s “just a train ride”. Had a great time nonetheless.

by KeithH2

In four words, stay on the ship! We were planning to go to shops on land and a beach. Our head waiter informed us the night before that there is absolutely nothing to do there unless you do a tour. So we booked one that night. Our tour was a visit to a church that was built in England and reconstructed in Samana, DR; a whale museum; a gift shop; and a village that was described as a former fishing village that now had European-style shopping and restaurants. We got on the bus (a nice tour bus) and began. Our first stop was the church...we didn't get off the bus. Instead the guide pointed out the window, talked for 5 minutes, and off we went. The whale museum was amusing. The locals found a whale carcass on the beach, dragged it ashore, build a cinderblock building around it, partially reassembled to skeleton, hung some posters, and dubbed it a museum. The gift shop had some local crafts, and some imported. There were about 7 shops in the village, and the restaurants were bad

Visited: Dec 12, 2008

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by DonnaM21

There really is nothing to do at this port. I have been to both the marina and the artist village and it's a 30 minute visit after a 20 minuted ride. 2 of the tours other passengers booked were very disappointing.

Visited: Feb 11, 2007

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by Nanci33061326

Went horseback riding. The excursion program on TV said that we would be seeing a resort area traveling on a golf course. This was not where the trip tool us and when I told the excursion desk they gave us a percentage off. We didn't ask for anything back and we told them that we had a very good time. The partial refund was unsolicited and that was a wonderful surprise. They went out of there way to make us happy and we already were. Bravo

Visited: Apr 06, 2008

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