Europe - Western Mediterranean cruise ports

Gibraltar (U.K.), photo">

One of the "Pillars of Hercules," Gibraltar is an historic landmark with British and Spanish influences. Guarding the entrance to the Atlantic, the great rock still serves as Britain's threshold to the Mediterranean. Take a cable car to the top of the rock for a spectacular view of two continents as well as the famous Barbary apes.

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Cartagena, Spain, photo">

A major seaport and naval base, it has a fine natural harbor, protected by forts. It was founded in 225 B.C. and soon became a flourishing port: the chief Carthaginian base in Spain. The medieval Castillo de la Concepcion, whose ruins are surrounded by fine gardens, commands a splendid view of the city and harbor. No traces of the ancient city remain.

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Palermo, Sicily, photo">

Once regarded as Europe's grandest, most beautiful city, Palermo is still quite impressive. The Four Corners of Palermo, where each 17th-century Spanish Baroque facade is adorned with a statue, is one of the city's most memorable sights. The Fontana Pretoria, often called the Fountain of Shame because of its nude Florentine figures, is also worth noting. Tour the famous Norman Cathedral and Capuchin catacombs.

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Savona (Genoa), Italy, photo">

Located on the Riviera di Ponente, southwest of Genoa, Savona dates back to third century BC and features excellent examples of medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture. Visit the Renaissance cathedral, the Capella Sistina, and the Palazzo della Rovere, built by Pope Julius II.

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Ravenna, Italy, photo">

Ravenna served as the capital of the Western Roman Empire in the Fifth Century AD, as a result of the barbarian invasions that plagued Rome. Ravenna is popular for its fifth to eight century Christian monuments, including the mausoleums of Galla Placidia and King Theodoric and the Church of San Vitale, a masterpiece of Byzantine art. The National Museum of Antiquities holds an important collection of classical and early Christian antiquities.

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Ancona, Italy, photo">

Ancona is a lovely port, with a beautiful harbor. Ancona serves as the gateway to the walled town of Urbino. During late fifteenth century, Urbino was ruled by Federico da Montefeltro, a patron who comissionned a number of well-known artists to decorate his Palazzo Ducale, including Urbino's most famous resident, Raphael.

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Calvi, Corsica, photo">

The town of Calvi is dominated by the imposing citadel and within it lies many treasures revealed to those who choose to wander beyond the port and explore the alleyways and old cobbled streets. Calvi has always been the capital of the Balagne region, one of the most prosperous areas of northwestern Corsica. The surrounding hills and mountains create a natural amphitheatre which is called the 'Garden of Corsica''.

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