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One of the "Pillars of Hercules," Gibraltar is an historic landmark with British and Spanish influences. Guarding the entrance to the Atlantic, the great rock still serves as Britain's threshold to the Mediterranean. Take a cable car to the top of the rock for a spectacular view of two continents as well as the famous Barbary apes.

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What can you say about Gibraltar shop shop shop til you drop there is bargains galour at trip up the cable car is a great way to see the monkeys and a visit to the caves is a great place to visit there is also plenty of history to take in .

Visited: Nov 13, 2017

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Gibraltar never fails to amaze me! I return most years and am going back again soon! There are loads of shops, cafes, and restaurants and at a good price. Going up to see the monkeys is a fantastic experience. It is much easier to get a mini bus up to the top rather than the cable car. Generally there is a shorter wait and it is much cheaper. The cable car only takes you to the top and back and there is a lot of walking to do! Whereas the mini bus will drop you off at the different places up the rock and let you look around for a fair amount of time. Stops include the cave, the castle and seeing the monkeys itself. Word of advise though- DON'T touch the monkeys. Seriously people do do it and you can get badly injured! Also NEVER take any food. The last time I went a monkey went in the back of a mini bus and got out a pack of fruit loops and opened it once it got outside!! Have fun!

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