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About Ravenna, Italy

Ravenna served as the capital of the Western Roman Empire in the Fifth Century AD, as a result of the barbarian invasions that plagued Rome. Ravenna is popular for its fifth to eight century Christian monuments, including the mausoleums of Galla Placidia and King Theodoric and the Church of San Vitale, a masterpiece of Byzantine art. The National Museum of Antiquities holds an important collection of classical and early Christian antiquities.

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Visited Ravenna after Venice so a lot of negative comments from others we spoke to but Venice is like no other place so an unfair comparison. We found the mosaics absolutely stunning so were very glad we went into the town from the ship (about 25 minutes coach ride.) A combined ticket for 5 UNESCO World Heritage sites was only €9.50 so good value and easy to walk between the sites.

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