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by Jason9090

Booked the cable car at home from the Gibraltar website and the tickets are valid for six months. We walked from the ship to the cable car which took about 30 mins and joined the que for prepaid tickets which was much faster. Wonderful views from the top and we decided to walk down and then through the town and back to the ship. Also visited St Michael's cave and the 1902 gun battery on the way down...


by Jonie2010

Walked to the rock took around 30-40 mins. Could have got the bus or shuttle or cable car but was not prepared to pay silly money. The walk was amazing abd such beautiful sights. Wish we had longer in port to spend more time with the apes but would definitely want to go again.


by joolsholling

Pre-booked tickets for the cable car to see all sights at the Rock. We only had 6 hours in Gibraltar, about 5 by the time we got off ship and the time we had to be back by. Non of the taxis at port were willing to take us to the cable car, they wanted us to do a tour with them. Walked to town which took about 15 mins and a taxi there took us (£4.30) got there early enough so only waited 10 mins for cable car. Saw the majority of all sights at the rock but it was a mad rush of crazy fast paced walking as we also wanted to go Main Street. Overall enjoyed it, although time was so limited so by the time we got back on board we were knackered. Gibraltar is fab for cheap alcohol and tobacco and I got great price on some of my favourite perfumes saving a fortune on what I’d pay back in the U.K. enjoyed the rock but it’s one of those places that once you’ve done it you’ve no reason to re-visit again.


by patrcaribbean

We love Gibraltar having visited several times before. We just walked into town and had a mooch and a cocktail. A tip is to walk in if able rather than a taxi as it's only a 15 minute stroll.

Visited: Sep 02, 2018

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by MrsLB

This is one of my favourite ports, it’s just a shame we didn’t stay there long enough! Duty free shopping was great! And some lovely little cafe/restaurants in the main square that are not to be missed. Fairly easy walk from the port into the main town square which takes around 10/15 minutes for someone waking at a reasonable pace.


by venturaps

What can you say about Gibraltar shop shop shop til you drop there is bargains galour at trip up the cable car is a great way to see the monkeys and a visit to the caves is a great place to visit there is also plenty of history to take in .

Visited: Nov 13, 2017

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by beckatron14

Surprisingly beautiful and lovely atmosphere. The monkeys are awesome, the views spectacular and it's rude not to take advantage of the amazing duty free!

Visited: Jul 08, 2017

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